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Company Formation Types

China WFOE Formation & Registration
China WFOE Formation & Registration

Streamline Your Business Expansion in China with Expert WFOE Formation & Registration Services.

ReadyMade China Company With Account
ReadyMade China Company With Account

To buy a Ready-Made China Company With a Bank Account, please just write to

Representative Office Registration in China
Representative Office Registration in Ch...

Although a Representative Office is restricted to the engagement of non-profit business activities, still it remains a suitable channel to test the Chinese market.

Setting Up Joint Venture (JV) in China
Setting Up Joint Venture (JV) in China

Partnering up with a Chinese local company, the Joint Venture gains rapid access to the Chinese market with resources sharing.

China Limited Liability Company Registration
China Limited Liability Company Registra...

Setting up a Limited Company in China with BC Partners, use limited liability company's opportunities and protection to start your business in China successfully.

China Partnership Firm
China Partnership Firm

China Partnership Firm Registration & Formation of Partnership to easy your business expanding in China.

China Shelf Company For Sale
China Shelf Company For Sale

Quick entry to the Chinese market without wasting time in the procedures of a new China company formation.

China Import Export Trading Company
China Import Export Trading Company

China Trading Company must be equipped with the Import and Export License can engage in import and export legally in China.

China Consulting Company
China Consulting Company

Consulting WFOEs in China boom thanks to urgent demand for a broad spectrum of consulting business in recent years.

China Foreign F & B Company
China Foreign F & B Company

China Food and Beverage WFOEs must hold food license so as to legally carry on the food and beverage business in China.

China Manufacturing Company
China Manufacturing Company

A China manufacturing WFOE must undergo further approval for the industrial license so as to legally produce products in China.

Guangzhou Free Trade Zone
Guangzhou Free Trade Zone

Guangzhou Free Trade Zone (FTZ) provides preferential policies for company registration and designed to attract more foreign investments.

Shenzhen Free Trade Zone
Shenzhen Free Trade Zone

China company registration in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone (FTZ) could use our registered address, No registered capital requirement and Fast setup.

Shanghai Free Trade Zone
Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is the first Hong Kong-like free trade area in mainland China. Check more beneficial policies in the zone.

Tmall Store Opening
Tmall Store Opening

Tmall store - the biggest B2C e-commerce platform in China has been popularly used to boost turnover by reaching the world’s largest population.

Hong Kong Company
Hong Kong Company

Plus with a guaranteed Hong Kong bank account, Business China ensures our customers could make the most of Hong Kong Company.

Opening a Store on Aliexpress
Opening a Store on Aliexpress

Laws & Regulations of China Company Incorporation

(1). Latest Registration Regulation of the Registered Capital

China has adopted a flexible capital registration system since 2014, which prescribes that paid-in capital is not a condition for most industries to establish a company in China. Owners of the China company could write the subscribed capital and the capital injection time into the Article of Association. You may register to inject the capital 30-50 years later and can de-register the China company without the capital injection.
The company's paid-in capital & capital verification report are no longer part of business registration. However, some specific industries still request the paid-in registered capital:

1. Trust Company
2. Securities Firm
3. Rural Mutual Cooperatives
4. Rural Credit Cooperative Union
5. Rural Bank
6. Pawnbroker
7. Money Brokerage Company
8. Micro-loan Company
9. Labor Dispatch Enterprise
10. Joint-stock Company Raised in the Form of Fundraising
11. Insurance Professional Agency, Insurance Broker
12. Insurance Company
13. Insurance Asset Management Company
14. Futures Company
15. Fund Management Company
16. Foreign Labor Cooperation Enterprise
17. Foreign Insurance Company
18. Foreign Banks
19. Financing Guarantee Company
20. Financial Leasing Company
21. Finance Corporation
22. Finance Company
23. Direct Marketing Business
24. Consumer Finance Company
25. Commercial Bank
26. Automobile Finance Company
27. Asset Management Company

(2). Latest Registration Regulation of the Business Scope

Business scope is the scope of business that a company can engage in China and should mention on the license.

The business scope has two tiers. The first tier is the primary business industry or field, and each entity can choose only a significant business field.

You can add the other much-mixed business domains into the second detailed business scope tier.

Specific limited industries, such as salt and tobacco retail, still need time to be fully open to non-residents. If you operate within a particular industry and are wondering about the business scope of your enterprise in China, then we can provide you with the information you need before you set up a company in China.


Industrial Classification for National Economic Activities

Catalog for Guidance of Foreign Investment

(3). Latest Registration Regulation of the Legal Representative/ Managing Director/ Executive Director/ Supervisor/ Manager

★ Legal Representative – A legal representative stands for the China company, and only his or her name shows up on the business license. The legal representative is expected to present physically over the bank counter to open the business bank account once the business license is issued. The legal representative can also be a shareholder, managing director, or manager but cannot be a supervisor at the same time.

★ Chairman of the Board / Managing Director–If you set up a board of directors, the board should comprise at least three individuals. If not, it can be set with one managing director.

President of the Board of Supervisors / Supervisor –If the new entity established the Board of Supervisors, all members of the Board of Supervisors need to make a total of at least three individuals. If there is no Board of Supervisors, then it can have one supervisor. The supervisor(s) cannot be the legal representative, manager, or another person from senior management.

Manager / Deputy Manager – The legal representative, managing director, and shareholder could be the manager at the same time.

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