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Extend Business Expanding with China Registered Address

No matter which company type you choose to register, the new establishment in China requires a registered address according to the registration regulations.

After years of experience, we witness and understand the difficulties of starting entrepreneurship. They face not only the pressure of operating expenses but also the pressure from market competition. Business China's mission is to "reduce stress" for entrepreneurs.

Business China adheres to "easier business expanding" concept and provides China registered address service in major cities of China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Foshan, etc. to help entrepreneurs to "liberate" from multifarious affairs by reducing the financial cost and time cost for startups.

China Registered Address - Business China

The Practical Significance of China Registered Address

Renting an office address in China to start the company registration is nice, but once the company needs to change the office, the office property owner demands the company typically to cancel and switch the office address accordingly. It takes a long time to change the company's registered address, and it needs to submit the application regarding office address changes to the related bureau and undergo formalities of trouble. It costs a lot of fees even you delegate authority to an agent.

The registered address provided by us will have no such troubles. Business owners could operate business remotely, whether from a commercial office, a home dwelling or a housing estate. As a nationally recognized address, registered address in zones has widespread use as a means of attracting foreign investments. There will be no problem as long as you choose us to be your support office to contact the related government bureau. Selecting the registered address in the first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai can not only enjoy the preferential policies of the country in the first place but also bring the brand effect of first-tier cities to enterprises.

Selection Types of China Registered Address

The registered address will appear on the business license, which has an enormous impact on the company's business, so it must consider carefully. Different industries have different requirements for addresses. For instance, the online store can be equipped with a virtual office address is enough for business operation, while for a marketing company, an official business address will be required to improve the credibility of the company in customers' mind. For certain types of companies, the business secretary's address is the best option.

The superiority of China Registered Address

√ Lower Operating Cost

Even a tiny office in downtown costs a lot, while you need to pay one month rent for the one-year registered address. If you need to meet your clients in China, please feel free to contact us to make an open meeting room appointment in our office based in downtown.

Professional Support

We have a team of professionals to work as supporting office to support you in China to initiate business and penetrate the market all the way along. Business China helps to collect correspondence and legal files from the governmental bureau, banks, and clients and efficiently notify clients.


You could move around while your registered office remains the same yearly. Otherwise, you need to change your incorporation license all over again, which takes around the same time for incorporation.

No hidden fees - All-inclusive costs

The one-time annual fee will be required. There are no subscription charges or monthly fees. Business China guarantees there would be no hidden fees to ensure you could start your business right away without any worries.

Quick Set up

On receipt your order, we will implement the service within one working days. The office addresses we offered could save time for incorporation.

Types of Property Certificate for China Registered Address

Registered address with the commerce or business nature can use for business registration. Forms of the Certificate of property rights listed below:

  • Ownership Certificate of the Estate;
  • Land Use Right Certificate of State-owned land;
  • Housing Leasing License issued by the Housing Bureau;
  • Land Use Lease License issued by Civil Administration Department;
  • Construction Permit issued by the Construction Department for New houses on state-owned land hasn’t got a certificate of house ownership or Land use warrant;
  • Purchase contract, invoices, commercial housing pre-sale documents for newly purchased estates haven’t got a certificate of house ownership or Land use warrant;
  • Certificate of Property Rights issued by the Department of Housing for the estate owned by state-owned enterprises hasn’t got a certificate of house ownership or Land use warrant;
  • Proof of the Use of the Site issued by the department of land resources or the department of housing for an estate built on a collective land cannot provide a property right for the time being;
  • The business license of an enterprise or hotels, restaurants and guesthouses;
  • Military Property Lease Permit issued by the military district logistics department for the estate belongs to the army;

China Registered Address’s Documents

The company's registered address shall be specific and actuate. Thus a Housing ownership certificate or one lease contract for more than one year will be requested to provide.

  • The lease type provides the housing lease agreement; If the lease type belongs to sublease, the sublease agreement shall submit and the consent of sublease issued by the owner of the estate shall be required;
  • If the parent company provides the address for the subsidiary enterprise for free, please contains the certificate of free use issued by the parent company;
  • Receipt of free use issued by the shareholders will be needed for the ownership of the property is owned by the shareholders, which shall be provided by the shareholders to the enterprises invested by them without compensation.

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