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Shenzhen is a national economic center and an international city designated by the State Council. It is the first special economic zone in China's reform and opening up and creates the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed". Shenzhen has the largest entry and exit port in China. Shenzhen is also an important border port city.

Shenzhen has ranked first among all large and medium-sized Chinese cities in export volume for 23 consecutive years. Of the Fortune Global 500 companies, 196 have branches in the city by the end of 2015.

Shenzhen free trade zone

  • Realty industry
  • Cross-border E-commerce
  • Imported vehicles
  • Modern Logistics
  • Information Service Industry
  • Science and Technology Service Industry
  • Cultural Creative Industry

Shenzhen Free Trade Zone cooperation zone Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong modern service industry located adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macao, Dongguan, Zhongshan city one hour traffic circle, with unique geographical advantage and strategic position. Before the good air, sea and land transport resources, near Shenzhen airport, Hong Kong and Shenzhen airport cargo port group in the west and western regional gathering deep rapid rail, Guan city line, with Hong Kong and the pearl river delta cities established a convenient transport links.

As a new round of opening up to the international trade and investment of the new rules and establishing a new system of the open economy "experimental field", Shenzhen sea before "rely on Hong Kong, mainland China, facing the world", adhere to the "best picture" a piece of white paper to draw the most beautiful, in 5 years of development, great changes have taken place. The former sea has made major breakthroughs in institutional innovation, deep port cooperation, industrial agglomeration and the construction of new cities, and the total economy has reached hundreds of billions of energy levels and continued to ascend. The data shows that Qianhai has become one of the fastest growing and most profitable areas in China.By the end of 2016, there were 42,000 companies in Qianhai, up 139 times from 2012. The added value of registered enterprises was 92.65 billion yuan, up nearly 19 times from 2013. Tax revenue was 18.49 billion yuan, up 35.6 times from 2013. The actual use of foreign capital is us $3.8 billion, up 238 times from 2012. Fixed-asset investment rose to 29.75 billion yuan, up 15.4 times. In 2016, the number of newly registered enterprises in the former sea, the newly registered capital and the contract utilization of foreign capital account for 38.4 percent, 50 percent and 40.9 percent of the free trade area in the whole country, and the actual utilization of foreign capital accounted for 24.4 percent.

Since the beginning of this year, the pace of development and opening up has been further accelerated. In the first three quarters, 34,548 new Shenzhen Free Trade Zone Company Registrations were registered in the former Haikou area, with a new registered capital of 214.19.07 billion yuan, up 1.7% year on year. The registered enterprises achieved tax revenue of 26.0.89 billion yuan, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. The actual utilization of foreign investment was $36.22 billion, up by 30.7%. In the first half of this year, the added value of registered enterprises in the area was 931.52 billion yuan, up 55.4%. In general, the economic development of Qianhai has been characterized by fast speed, strong momentum, excellent quality, strong concentration and strong strength. It has grown into an important economic growth pole in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao.

Accelerate the development of the financial industry

In line with the country's financial watchdog, according to the overall deployment of the country's financial industry opening to the outside world, in accordance with the principle of open cooperation, under the framework of CEPA, within the scope of Guangdong province first try, study and thorough going efforts to promote financial cooperation, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to study appropriate to reduce the barriers to entry, financial institutions and financial business in Hong Kong to support the financial innovation project in before the first try. We will create a sound financial environment and attract all kinds of financial institutions to develop in the former sea. We will enhance the capacity of financial radiation services and strive to make Qianhai construction an experimental demonstration window for the country to open up to the outside world.

(1) Promote innovative cooperation in the financial sector focused on cross-border RMB business. We will continue to expand the pilot of cross-border RMB business, give full play to the regional advantages of Shenzhen as a pilot area for cross-border RMB business, and promote the development of the RMB offshore market in Hong Kong. Explore capital account opening and RMB internationalization path, under the framework of CEPA, shall be formulated by the relevant departments of the Hong Kong bank cross-border lending business pilot program, under the condition of risk control, try to carry out the pilot. According to the principle of foreign direct investment management, the foreign shareholders of foreign invested enterprises shall be piloted in RMB cross-border direct investment.According to the principle of foreign direct investment management, the foreign shareholders of foreign invested enterprises shall be piloted in RMB cross-border direct investment. To encourage financial institutions that meet the CEPA definition of "Hong Kong service providers" to set up domestic headquarters and branches in the former sea. We support the establishment of financing leasing companies, auto financing companies, consumer finance companies and small loan companies. We will promote innovative cooperation in the banking sector based on the strategic transformation of financial institutions and deep cooperation in Hong Kong's financial sector.Encourage banking financial institutions to support the development of modern service industry through innovation in the former sea through financial products, business processes and internal management mechanisms, and increase credit support for high-tech industries. Support to set up the guarantee, and guarantee agencies and financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprise service, we will accelerate the establishment of a multi-field and multi-level financing mutually supporting small and medium-sized enterprise financing service system, to establish small and medium-sized enterprise financial services regulatory mechanisms.

(2) To steadily advance cooperation in the capital market of Shenzhen-Hong Kong. According to the national financial industry opening to the overall planning, step by step to promote Shenzhen capital market opening to the outside world, gradually expand and deepen cooperation, deep and Hong Kong securities market complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win. Support eligible mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong to list in Shenzhen; Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges are supported by exchange-traded funds (ETF) that track each other's indexes.Supporting qualified Hong Kong financial institutions to establish joint venture securities companies, joint venture securities investment consulting companies and joint venture fund management companies in Qianhai; Supporting qualified joint-venture securities companies established in Shenzhen to expand their business scope. Actively explore the securities companies established in Shenzhen and fund management companies in Hong Kong to carry out the domestic securities investment business. We will strengthen training, business exchanges and innovation cooperation between high-end professionals in Hong Kong and Hong Kong. We will support Shenzhen high-tech zone to expand the pilot scope of the transfer system for the transfer of equity, and support the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen to accelerate the reform of the market and enter the market financing.

(3) Vigorously promote the construction of insurance innovation and development pilot zone. Support insurance reform and innovation projects in Qianhai first. According to the national insurance regulatory policies and regulations, the policy support Hong Kong insurance institutions into the sea before, the loosening of Hong Kong residents and agency of insurance intermediary market access into the sea before.To explore new insurance companies such as captive insurance companies and mutual insurance companies in Qianhai, and to develop reinsurance markets. We will continue to promote the pilot work of science and technology insurance, and provide risk insurance services for scientific and technological enterprises. Support the pilot project of commercial auto insurance pricing mechanism and insurance marketing system reform in Qianhai. Encourage qualified Hong Kong and Shenzhen insurance institutions to carry out resource integration and business cooperation in product development, channel development and claims services.

Developing modern logistics industry

According to the goal to build a global logistics center, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to promote the depth of the modern logistics industry cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the formation of high-end logistics industry gathering area, build the Asia-pacific region has important influence on supply chain management center and shipping derivative service base, strengthen the production organization of the pearl river delta manufacturing service ability.

(1) Build regional production organization center and international supply chain management center. The Qianhai bonded port area can draw on the international practice and actively explore the policy and system innovation of the special supervision area of the customs. We will improve the market access mechanism and policy supporting mechanisms, and focus on providing supply chain management enterprises with financing consultation, financing guarantee, settlement, customs clearance, information management and related value-added services.We encourage the introduction of integrated service enterprises that provide logistics and value-added services for e-commerce transactions. Support the port of Shenzhen to become the goods vehicle import and export terminal, the development of automobile rolling logistics services. We will encourage enterprises in the region to undertake procurement, sales and other related outsourcing services to build international procurement, international distribution and global integrated allocation management platform.

(2) Actively developing supporting services for port shipping. Relying on the Hong Kong international shipping center, promote deep and Hong Kong airport close cooperation, expand the port service function, the former makes the Hong Kong international shipping service platform, deep sea provide convenience for the Hong Kong shipping operators expand international shipping service. We will support the development of the aviation market, and carry out various innovative services such as aviation leasing, aviation materials trading and civil aircraft financing lease. We have actively introduced the shipping business management center, the document management center, the settlement center and the shipping intermediary to set up institutions in Qianhai to carry out business.We will promote the development of shipping aviation finance innovation, support the formation of shipping industry funds, shipping finance leasing companies, shipping insurance institutions, and promote the development of commercial aircraft and the financial leasing business of aviation materials. Allow to register in Qianhai, there are offshore international trade demand, business performance and credit good enterprises to open offshore special account or special account in the domestic bank. Financial leasing companies that support the service and shipping of the former sea service have entered the interbank market to borrow funds and issue bonds.

Developing information service industry

We will make overall plans for the construction of information infrastructure, develop software and information technology services and information content services, and comprehensively improve the capacity of information transmission services. We will accelerate the integration and development of the Internet economy and the real economy, and use it to guide the development and upgrading of manufacturing industries.

(1) High level development information transmission service industry. We will vigorously develop next-generation telecommunications networks, broadcasting networks and the Internet. We will try to promote the integration of the three networks and build a digital urban area with advanced international level. Actively promote the cooperation between basic network operation enterprises and media, value-added service enterprises. We will strengthen cooperation between mainland telecom operators and Hong Kong telecom operators to explore new businesses. We will highlight the development of value-added services for the Internet and value-added services for mobile communications, attracting outstanding value-added service providers, content providers and systems integrators at home and abroad.

(2) Vigorously develop software and information technology services. To encourage development system integration, information technology consulting and operation services. We will vigorously develop technologies and applications such as high-confidence computing, smart network technology and cloud computing. Accelerate the development of software industry agglomeration, and promote the construction of Shenzhen software park Shenzhen software park in Qianhai to form a software and information service park with important influence. Support the research and development and application of industry application software, and promote the integration of software industry in logistics, finance and other fields to integrate system integration and industry solutions. We will accelerate the development of new businesses such as mobile e-commerce, mobile multimedia, mobile search and mobile payment.

(3) make full efforts to create the southern logistics information exchange center and international e-commerce center. We will support the development and industrialization of key software technologies for Internet of things and accelerate the development of the "Internet of things". Establish deep port logistics information classification and coding, collection, exchange, and the safety standard system, strengthen transportation, port, bank, industry and commerce, tax and other relevant departments of logistics information resources sharing, the construction of logistics public information platform, building a logistics information exchange center south.We will encourage logistics enterprises to strengthen the development and innovation capacity of new technologies such as intelligent transportation and logistics management software, and improve the level of logistics operation and management. We will speed up the establishment of a reasonable security certification system for digital certificates, and promote the application of electronic signatures and certifications in logistics information exchange and e-commerce. Vigorously develop e-commerce, construction safety, convenient and support multi-currency business application service platform, strengthen the dock with the international large-scale e-commerce platform, build sea before international electronic commerce center.

(4) Vigorously develop the information content service industry. To develop the data analysis and consulting services, and actively introduce international data service high-end enterprise, vigorously foster domestic enterprise, constantly enhance the level of internationalization, the construction of regional data analysis and consulting service center. The development of integrated business new media, such as broadband communication, mobile multimedia broadcast TV and digital TV, etc.Strengthen the digital content service depth development and utilization of the Internet, to attract domestic and foreign well-known Internet companies set up headquarters and regional headquarters in the sea before, in the network game, network music, network video, network media, network advertisement market segment do best and stronger. The organization implements the advanced mobile Internet content product special, the network game engine development and the platform special. We will actively develop derivative products and services such as online content, animation and games, and promote the development of related industries.

Development of scientific and technological services and other professional services

Gathered in the sea before technology services and other professional services resources, construction of regional science and technology innovation service center and productive professional service base, for the pearl river delta regional industrial upgrading and independent innovation to provide strong support.

(1) Priority in the development of scientific and technological innovation services. Based on the innovation needs of the pearl river delta region, we will actively promote the cooperation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong science and technology services. We will support the establishment of a subsidiary body in Qianhai by the Hong Kong scientific research organization, participate in national and local science and technology projects, and explore new models for supporting innovative services in the financial capital of Shenzhen-Hong Kong. We will support the development of cross-border inspection and testing services in Hong Kong, explore new modes of customs supervision, and provide convenient services for science and technology innovation in Hong Kong.To develop the high technical service, support to build platform for technology transfer and venture investment platform, encouraged to set up the technical evaluation, property rights transactions, achievements, such as science and technology service, support to research and develop the research and development and industrial design, analysis, test design services, accelerate the construction of deep port circle of innovation, promoting technology transfer and innovation achievements in the pearl river delta.

(2) Vigorously develop creative design services. Play design advantages, the city of Shenzhen, formulate the cooperation development of cultural creative industry guidance directory, Shenzhen and Hong Kong construction of a high starting point, high level, represent the future industry development direction of culture creative industry park, attracting domestic and international famous design agencies and famous cultural intermediary service organizations, promote the development of cultural creative industry, to build international cultural creative center.

(3) Vigorously develop professional services. We will relax the access conditions and explore delegating authority. Positive development planning, certification, management, enterprise development strategy, corporate image design, marketing and brand operation and other high-end consulting services and conference and exhibition service, speed up the development of human resources services, encourage the development of architecture and engineering services, support the development of medical and health services, to support service providers from Hong Kong at sea before a variety of forms such as sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, set up the professional services firm, providing personalized and high-end professional services. Study and optimize the approval process, reduce the approval period, and moderately develop accounting and legal services.
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