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Introduction to the Tmall Store Registration Process

Tmall International promises foreign businesses that all products that are sold are of the best quality and are available at competitive prices, along with genuine guarantees and local return policies. These steps have bene taken by China to make cross-border shopping more convenient for the Chinese consumer. This enables them to purchase international products from one ecommerce site without the need to leave their homes. Tmall International promises that all of the products that are available on their website are original and are of high quality, ensuring the best value for your money, and providing the Chinese customer with a better way to purchase online. Tmall International sells overseas goods. Once the customer has placed their order, the goods are issued from the China bonded area via international logistics in countries other than the mainland, and delivered to your doorstep, regardless of where the consumer lives in China.

Tmall Store Opening

To provide consumers with the best service experience possible, Tmall International also provides customers with logistics status information from the dealer’s delivery to the destination. Tracking the logistics information of each package ordered on Tmall ensures that customers are able to go through a quick and hassle-free process while purchasing goods online. All foreign merchants who use the Tmall platform are required to provide local return services to all customers. This allows the customers to return the package after consulting with the merchants. Those who sell goods to mainland China, need to provide the designated return locations in mainland China, while all goods sold in Hong Kong need to include the designated return location of Hong Kong. Businesses that sell goods to Taiwan need to provide the designated return location for Taiwan. These measures ensure that the purchase experience of the Chinese customer is memorable and hassle-free.

Tmall is perfectly positioned to meet the growing consumption and taste for international products in China. This is the perfect time for setting up a Tmall Store in China for a foreign business. To ensure the highest level of quality, all merchants must have qualified companies outside China, and have registered trademarks overseas, and have overseas retail qualification, and have a good reputation and business in foreign countries. Companies entering Tmall international have corporate entities outside mainland China with overseas retail qualifications. The goods sold are originally produced or sold overseas, and passed through Chinese customs through international logistics. All Tmall international stores will be equipped with a Chinese consulting service and provide domestic after-sales service, consumers can buy imported goods overseas as they do on Taobao shopping. In terms of logistics, Tmall international requires the merchant to complete the delivery within 120 hours, arrive within 14 working days, and ensure the logistics information can be tracked throughout.

Tmall International Merchants must meet the Following Requirements

1. Basic Conditions

  • Having overseas corporate entities.
  • It is the brand party/owning brand authorization/providing goods purchase vouchers from the brand to start the complete link (see the qualification requirements of the store type for details).

2. Preferential Admission Terms

  • Overseas well-known physical stores or B2C websites
  • Overseas well-known brands that have not entered the Chinese market.

Tmall International Store Type and Related Requirements

1. Flagship store of store type

  • A flagship store for overseas or offline retailers with service trademarks
  • The original of 35 categories of trademarks that have been registered overseas for more than one year
  • Local well-known physical retail stores or B2C websites, and they need to provide physical store photos or websites
  • While setting up a Tmall Store in China, if you apply to the company as the brand authorized party, you will need to provide the exclusive authorization of the holder of the trademark right to the company, and only one level of authorization.

2. Brand flagship store:
To operate a brand flagship store with its own brand products;
The brand flagship store that operates multiple private brand products and is owned by the same actual control person;

  • Overseas registered brand R original with more than one year, and the brand has retail operations abroad.
  • If the applicant applies to the company as the brand authorized party, it needs to provide the exclusive authorization of the company to the company and only one level of authorization.
  • Note: the hot brand which is preferential invited in overseas online shopping; If the brand is on Tmall (Tmall the god cat, that's enough), they will need to provide a confirmation file from the brand.

3. Franchise Shop: a Store that Manages a Number of Other Brands of Other People;
Shops that operate other people's branded goods and operate their own branded goods;
To run a number of other brands of other brands and to attract businesses;

  • Provide the brand sales authorization for the products sold, or prove the brand authorization link from the brand party.
  • Shops that operate across categories of businesses need to follow the list of goods that Tmall international allows to operate across categories.

Tmall Store Opening

The Introduction of Tmall Shop Type

Flagship Store: Flagship store refers to a store established by private brand or exclusive brand authorized by trademark holder settled in Tmall.

Exclusive Shop: Selling shop refers to the brand which is provided by the trademark holder and authorized by the trademark to be settled in the shop opened by Tmall.

Franchised Store: Franchise stores refer to the same Tmall operating large categories under the operation of two or more brands of shops.

Store Flagship Store: Store flagship store refers to the flagship store that operates multiple brands with service type trademarks.

Tmall Entry Process

1. Enquiry of application

For Brands: Tmall enumeration of the brand, you can also recommend the premium brand to Tmall, some of the categories are not restricted to the brand.

For Enterprise: Legitimate registered enterprise users and able to provide all relevant documents to the requirements of Tmall, do not accept individual industrial and commercial businesses, non-Chinese mainland enterprises.

Note: there are many Tmall stores in the same subject, which require that the brands and commodities operated between stores should not be duplicated, and one business group can only apply for one.

2. Prepare Information

While setting up a Tmall Store in China, it is crucial to prepare information, select the category of business, store type, brand source; if there is a shortage of application materials, you will be returned to you for resubmission. You are advised to prepare all the materials in advance and pass the audit at once

3. Submission of Information

Select store type/brand/category; Fill in brand information; Fill out the enterprise information; Store named Tmall store naming rules.

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Tmall Store Opening
To keep up with the growing demand of Chinese customers, Tmall Global, was set up as the international division of Tmall. The newest addition to the ecommerce space in China aims to provide quality international products to domestic consumers within China. Tmall Global is operating under the slogan, “100% foreign original authentic, 100% foreign merchants, 100% domestic return.” The move aims to cater to Chinese customers looking to buy international products in China, and is yet another reason why foreign businesses need to move towards a Tmall Store opening in China.

Tmall Global, launched in February 2014, is positioned as a low-cost way for international brands to enter and test the market. Tmall Global differs from Tmall China in the way that it allows foreign brands to enjoy the gigantic Chinese market without having an actual presence in China. The logistics is handled by international Tmall cross-border drop shipping specialists that allow delivery to Chinese consumers within 5-8 work days. Alternatively, orders can be processed via a bonded warehouse solution from one of the China free-trade zones.

Tmall is considered to be the largest business to consumer retail platform that’s operating in Asia. The ecommerce platform allows businesses to sell their goods directly to the consumers all across China. This is also one of the main reasons why setting up a Tmall Store in China is essential to business growth. Another reason why you should consider selling on Tmall is because the ecommerce platform has established itself as a destination for high quality products. Since purchasing online in China is getting increasingly sophisticated and is also growing in popularity, any business that wants to see their sales increase has no choice but to take their services online and create an account on Tmall in china.

For foreign brands to operate on Tmall they are going to need the following:
  • A Chinese legal entity
  • A Chinese trademark
  • A Chinese corporate bank account
  • Governmental product approvals
  • A warehouse and
  • Logistics within China

Thanks to the expertise and professional services offered by Business China, we can help you with the process of setting up a Tmall Store in China. The services that we are able to offer can get your Tmall account up and running in no time so that you can take advantages of having a presence online.

There are two ways of joining the Tmall platform in China:

  • Companies with overseas licenses (HK Company) are eligible for Tmall Global.
  • Companies with China in-country business operations (WFOE) can apply to

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