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WHO WE ARE?Business China is a licensed leading firm in China specializes in business setup in mainland China, Hong Kong and offshore for customers ranging in size from owner-managed businesses to multinationals in every sector. By making continuous efforts in expanding our services, we ensure businesses of all sizes can access the most up to date business setup solutions and strategies available. Our community of customers is growing every year and we help each other to navigate the rapidly changing world of solutions and strategies.

For small to medium businesses (SME) is the lifeblood of the world's economy. Our specialists will help to take away your business distractions, while at the same time making suggestions and offering innovations to help you advantage the marketplace.

Large, multinational organizations need simple, rational system to achieve the flexibility they need to compete effectively. That's why we've worked so hard to make our systems flexible, simple and rational. As a result we can support your plans and play a real part in achieving them. As an enterprise customer, you'll have access to a team of specialists who will use their experience and knowledge to help you target your selected market sectors.

In today's border-less digital world, Business China enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 70 countries, to grow globally by facilitating business setup strategies. We are a leading worldwide provider of company setup services that delivers solutions driven by customer needs globally. Our experience and employee expertise enable us to provide a broad range of services that allow our customers to accept all types of business setup channels in major cities in China and Hong Kong.

Company Incorp

1. China WFOE

2. China Joint Venture

3. China Representative Office

4. China Trading Company

5. China Consulting Company

6. China Food and Beverage Company

7. China Manufacturing Company

8. Hong Kong Company

9. Tmall Store Opening

Avaliable Services(Post-incorporation):
1. China Registered Address

2. China Incorporation Bank Account Opening

3. HK Company Bank Account Opening

4. Monthly Accounting Service

5. Company Annual Renew & Auditing

6. Invoice Issue

7. VAT Return

8. Social Insurance Service

9. Social Insurance Allowance

10. Working Visa

11. Trademark

12. Payroll Service

Our Values
Our aim is to easy your business. We value hard work and integrity. Business China would have no hidden cost for company setup and related services. We will try our best to assist you to initiate and penetrate Chinese market with the best solution and strategies.

Global Insight
Business China brings together professional from all fields to identify new trends and provides a long-term view to safeguard your business.

Our Professional Team
Our professional team is the most valuable asset in our big family. We united behind our clients’ goals and driven to help them achieve the best.

One-stop Solution & Strategy Provider
Company Incorporation made easy and quick. We offer you one-stop solution which will deliver operational business entities in one envelop.

At Business China, we are committed to return your email or phone call within 24 hours GUARANTEED.


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