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Attentions for Export Rebates of China Trading Companies

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1. If China trading companies want to obtain export rebates as soon as possible, they should not only make declarations but also make out invoices for certification as soon as possible. Enterprises should check the relevant electronic information and verify the VAT special invoices after collecting and filling out the relevant original tax rebate documents and application materials, and then declare export rebates. Export rebates cannot be declared if the VAT special invoices are not verified or non-compliant or have cryptograph errors.

Attentions for Export Rebates of China Trading Companies

2. Do not ignore the submission of electronic data on export declarations. After export declaration of goods, enterprises should submit the electronic data of the export declarations through the “Export Rebates” subsystem of the “Port Electronic Enforcement System”; otherwise, it will lead to delayed tax rebates due to incomplete and inconsistent information at the time of declaring tax rebates.

3. In-depth, thorough, timely understanding and grasp of export rebate policies. In accordance with the Supplementary Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Issues Concerning the Administration of Tax Rebates for Exported Goods, for export enterprises newly established and re-registered for export rebates due to restructuring, reorganization, mergers, divisions, etc., if the original export enterprises satisfy the relevant requirements, they may not, upon approval from the provincial tax authorities, provide export exchange collection verification receipts at the time of declaring tax rebates, and conduct a post-examination in accordance with the relevant regulations. That is, if export enterprises newly established and re-registered for export rebates due to restructuring, reorganization, mergers, divisions, etc. can fully utilize the spirit of this document, they can fully enjoy the tax rebates of the original enterprises.

Attentions for Export Rebates of China Trading Companies

4. In the electronic declaration software, the purchase details and declaration tax rebates details are entered item by item. At the time of entering, it should be noted that: Items requiring tax correspondences should be concentrated in a declaration and cannot be mixed with normal declaration, thus affecting the tax rebates. Enterprises should check with the tax refund office if there is customs information before declaration. Items not subject to customs information are not declared, and input should be standardized, so as to avoid delays in reversing single orders. The forward foreign exchange receipts should be separately declared, the name of the goods on the export declarations must be strictly consistent with the name, quantity, and unit of measurement of the value-added tax invoice. In case of any discrepancy, it shall be entered in the unit of measurement disclosed in the microcomputer. The enterprise tax administrators often check the customs information according to the customs clearance order, in order to avoid the withdrawal of the information due to the reasons for the declaration, and delay the time. The practice of avoiding inconsistency in the above situations is to declare the goods first and then to make out invoices.

5. In order to effectively grasp the recovery of tax rebate documents and prevent their missing, it is necessary to prepare the documents for the early period of tax rebates. The chief accountant recovers the main tax rebate documents, tax rebate amount and invoice numbers (especially for those documents with an upcoming liquidation deadline), finds and solves problems in a timely manner.

Attentions for Export Rebates of China Trading Companies

6. Enterprises should adjust their relations with customs, banks, foreign exchange bureaus and taxation authorities, strengthen communication, frequently report on the conditions encountered during tax rebates, and listen to tax rebate feedback, so that problems encountered can be guided by policies and solved specifically.

7. If an export enterprise entrusts a customs broker or shipping company to declare customs and transportation, it is better not to delay the transportation expenses or insurance premiums, so as to avoid verification sheets and customs documents being withheld, and thus affecting verifications and tax rebates.

8. All relevant departments of the enterprise should earnestly, carefully and specifically review and inspect the original documents for tax rebates. For example, the customs declaration form for tax rebates should be filled out neatly and completely, and affixed with the seal for inspection by the port customs and seal of the operator, have a customs declaration number, and the approval document number should be consistent with the supporting verification document number. The tax rebates of verification sheet should have a verification sheet number, customs declaration number, export status and be affixed with a seal for verification by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.
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