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A Summary of the Work of the Local Taxation Bureau in Guangzhou FTZ

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The Local Taxation Bureau of Guangzhou Free Trade Zone has continuously promoted the tax collection and tax service levels, and vigorously promoted the scientific management of taxation and the team, and successfully completed the tax revenue task, which ensured that the cadre team was safe and stable, and created a good atmosphere of "pragmatic innovation, dedicated dedication, pioneering work and harmonious development". The work is summarized as follows:

First, the function of Local Taxation has been further highlighted in the process of maintaining growth, and realized the trend of contrarian growth of organizational income.

In the face of the cut of structural tax and the slowdown of fixed asset investment, our bureau according to "seek improvement in stability, take on the implementation of the progress, improve the growth of general requirements, actively take effective measures", to improve work quality, ensure the steady growth of group revenues. The annual tax revenue of the organization was 56.85 billion yuan, an increase of 14.95 percent year on year, and an increase of 739 million yuan. The tax revenue was 33.02 billion yuan, up 11.47 percent year on year. The income of social insurance premiums was 1.572 billion yuan, up 19.45 percent year on year. The other revenue was 812 million yuan, up 21.52 percent year on year. The provincial income of the organization was 849 million yuan, an increase of 11.92 percent year on year and 0.9 billion yuan.
The general budget revenue of the organization region was 19.82 billion yuan, up 18.83 percent from the same period last year, with an increase of 314 million-yuan, accounting for 52.18 percent of the general budget revenue in the district, which strongly supported the harmonious development of local economic and social communities.

(1) the analysis and forecast of taxation is further optimized. We should adhere to the principle of organizing income, and strengthen the control of the whole process of tax operation, and strengthen the management of "special account for the budget", "tax withholding", to ensure the safety of tax. We will carry out analysis on economic taxation, policy effects and other warning, and raise the level of tax forecasts, with a forecast accuracy of 99.5% for the full year. And formulate a comprehensive assessment method for income planning, and establish a "tax revenue progress feedback system". We will conduct a one-off tax source, land value-added tax liquidation, large amount of overdue tax, tax refund and other tax source potential, and collect information on tax changes. We will strengthen monitoring and warning to ensure that tax increases are coordinated with economic growth and raise the quality of tax revenue.

(2) further enhancement of tax industry management. The enterprise income tax is carefully planned and collected and subsequent management. The annual income tax of the enterprise is 817. The corporate income tax was RMB 17.36 million yuan, up 103.80 percent year on year, with an increase of 8.84 million yuan. And we screened 335 enterprises of suspicious data, issuing questions and self-charting, and checking the income of 3.4 million yuan. The annual income tax return of more than 120,000 individuals reached a new high, and the personal income tax was 187.66%, and the personal income tax was RMB 488 million. The establishment of the land value-added tax clearing group, the establishment of the land value-added tax liquidation, the entry tax revenue of 197 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19.29 percent. To carry out the inspection of tax and tax on cultivated land, and to make up 24.86 million yuan of income. we standardize the management of vehicle and ship tax, the tax revenue of the vehicle is 10.99 million yuan, an increase of 84.09 percent year on year, and an increase of 5.02 million yuan. The implementation of key tax source enterprises, key construction projects routine tracking and risk management, the total tax revenue of 455 households with over 500,000 yuan was 28.61 billion-yuan, accounting for 86.65 percent of the total revenue. We carried out a special inspection on business tax of the construction industry, with a turnover of 74.68 million yuan and a tax of 2.6 million yuan. The evaluation and management system of the residential inventory transaction assessable price has been successfully launched. Since the system was launched, the nuclear price of residential inventory has been accepted as 1273, and the total price of taxpayers' declaration is 556.3 million yuan, the system authorized price of 584.21 million yuan, and the total adjustment amount of the nuclear price system is 279.26 million yuan. To strengthen the follow-up management and outstanding tax collection work, and to pay the outstanding tax of 45.71 million-yuan, annual inspection and examination of 325 foreign enterprises, and the amount of tax of 13.48 million yuan. We made steady progress in the pilot work of the "value-added tax reform", verified 1,461 enterprises and reported 813 units, and finally confirmed the "increase in revenue" of 570 enterprises.

(3) further improvement of fund management. Cooperate with the professional reform of tax source, and further optimize the integration of premium business process, to compile the guidelines for the collection of social insurance premiums (study manuals), implement the system of assessment of social insurance premiums, and the refund rate of the approval of documents is down 8.95% year on year. We carried out the social security expansion, data exception cleaning and overage violations, and the number of people who were expanded to reach 1.48 million, an increase of 15 percent over the same period last year, completing the municipal bureau's task of 133%. We clean up the abnormal data 60,000 and clean up the overage payment staff of 45. The payment of arrears is 25.4 million yuan, which is to confirm that the deficiency and death owe to 17 households 167.9 million yuan, and to the court to enforce the execution of 110,000 yuan. In order to issue the guidelines on the claim and reporting of social insurance disputes, it is reasonable to clarify the handling of the cases and avoid the blame. And dispose of stability (13 cases of potential stability), two pieces of petition cases of the leading government of the district government were solved, and the social security fees paid back to the 200 substitute teachers hired by the district government in early years were paid back to protect the harmony and stability of the society.  And further rationalize the process of the price adjustment fund, and impose a price adjustment fund of 54.18 million yuan. In order to assist the price adjustment fund, the price adjustment fund "order correction notice" is 115, and the price adjustment fund will pay RMB 230,000 yuan. The employment guaranteed for disabled persons was 17.36 million yuan.

Second, the tax administration further compacted the breakthrough and realized the steady improvement of the quality of the collection and management.

We will focus on the development strategy of Guangzhou FTZ new area, actively innovate tax administration, deepen the pilot reform of tax source specialization, and improve the efficiency of tax collection and administration.

(1) steady progress was made in the reform of tax source management. The comprehensive implementation of the tax matters "first post-trial" and the general tax source "management system" reform. Through optimizing the working process and refining the job setting, the 285 procedures were combing through of which 256 were first conducted before the trial; In accordance with the principle of "setting up the post and sharing the job according to the work", and resetting and reconstructing the posts of general tax source management bureaus, the transformation from "management of the people" to "management of the matter" has been realized. It has laid a good foundation for the whole system to popularize the new model of tax source specialization.
To take the lead in implementing the tax registration certificate of entrusted quality supervision department in the whole province, It is convenient for taxpayers to handle tax registration, and it is beneficial to plugging loopholes of tax collection and administration from source and strengthening the supervision and management of tax source. We further promoted the individual mandate generation, strengthened the management of scattered tax sources, cleaned up 1,240 households in various points of the year, and entrusted the tax revenue of 96.98 million yuan.

(2) tax assessment is further deepened. Combined with tax professional pilot reform, we established and perfected the tax assessment agency team, improved the system of tax assessment, deepen the tax assessment work, improve the function of tax assessment in every link of tax collection and administration. The government of the district want to improve the sharing mechanism of tax information exchange, we will improve the data utilization of the production management system and the management of "centralized" permission, and provide effective information support for tax collection and management and tax source monitoring.
Intensive data collection, research and analysis, and tax source monitoring, implementation of suspect push, performance appraisal and experience sharing, and targeted to carry out the evaluation of specialized evaluation, we will establish a tax assessment model for commercial enterprises to improve the quality of tax assessment. A total of 702 enterprises were assessed in the year, and a total of 170 million yuan was assessed.

(3) further enhancement of invoice management. To promote the application of online invoicing, we combine "three dozen and two builds", and carry out the special inspection of invoice illegal criminal activities and "construction safety and real estate industry". We have identified 2,949 fake invoices handed over by the public security organs, and one office of the fake invoices for the sale of fake invoices. We have seized 12 households with fake invoices, and made up $2.54 million in income. Carry out checking the internal invoices, and further standardize the use of internal invoices.

(4) further development of inspection. We will further promote the specialized reform of auditing, establish an internal "trinity" interaction mechanism, timely find out tax clues and improve the accuracy of the selection of cases. And engaged in real estate, capital deals tax special inspection, tax payment situation of county-rural economic organizations inspection and MoZha "camp to add" logistics enterprise situation, and lead to urge the taxpayer to improve tax payment compliance. In the whole year, there are two cases in the liquidation history, and 19 enterprises are inspected. Among them, there are six enterprises and five enterprises, and the total income of the enterprises is 11.26 million yuan. No administrative litigation or administrative reconsideration cases have occurred.

Third, the tax service improves the efficiency, and realizes the continuous optimization of the tax environment.

Closely rely on economic transformation and upgrading and harmonious stability, tax payment, such as demand, perfecting the service mechanism, update service concept, the transformation of the mode of service, tax service, they effectively improve the overall level, continuously optimize tax environment.

(1) further optimization of tax services. We will carry out the activities of "the heart and mind of party members" and promote the development of a harmonious, cooperative and new tax industry. We will deepen the joint tax on state and local taxes. We will actively promote the construction of the new tax service hall by combining the pilot with the specialized management reform of the tax source. The opening of the tax service will open to traffic, and help enterprises reasonably tax planning, and promote the harmonious relationship between the tax collection and the administration. In combination with "three dozen and two construction", we will strengthen the assessment of tax credit management and tax credit rating, and promote the construction of credit information system, implement tax compliance agreement, and improve the ability of enterprises to deal with tax affairs in accordance with law. To strengthen the 12366 hotline service, we deal with the telephone number of the tax consultation telephone 600 times and the telephone number of the three-way telephone number of 12366 hotline 380 times.

(2) further implementation of preferential policies. We will carry out "warm business operation", and listen to the advice of enterprises, and solve practical problems such as pre-tax deduction and tax exemption for enterprises. We will increase preferential tax policies and policies, implement preferential taxation policies, reduce the burden of enterprises, support enterprises and promote transformation and upgrading. The tax exemption and reduction of small enterprises of small enterprises, the approval and exemption of nearly 3 million yuan. We will strengthen tax policy research, cooperate with the development strategies and investment promotion of the Guangzhou FTZ new area, and actively contribute to the coordinated development of local economies.

(3) the publicity of taxes and fees is further deepened. Through the three-level linkage between provincial and municipal governments, national taxation and local taxation, the two countries jointly carried out the "warm enterprise" operation of enterprises. They carry out tax payment and volunteer service into the community, "send tax law to campus" and other activities. They use the taxpayer platform to conduct 38 sessions of various special topics and print the publicity work and the latest tax and fees policies; , Distribution of the tax service special issue, tax service guidelines, tax guide booklet and other promotional materials of 25,000 copies, the announcement of TV broadcast notices 30 times, website information 158 times, publish media tax declaration 33 times.

Fourth, the security capacity is further improved. We should strengthen the openness of government affairs, standardize the discretionary power, voluntarily accept the supervision of tax payers and ensure the lawful rights and interests of taxpayers. 13 cases of social security maintenance (potential dimension stabilization) of social security maintenance (potential dimension stabilization), such as the proper disposal of multiple petitions, and solve two cases of petition letters of chief leaders of the district government. And opening the website "chief mail box" and official microblog, dealing with the two cases of "director mailbox", handling the transfer of letters and visits by the higher authorities, handling the complaint matters of the call service, the issuing of tax guidance, knowledge of tax law, and the knowledge of invoices 47 times.
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