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What are the Advantages of Registered Enterprises in the Nansha Free Trade Area?

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The Guangzhou Free Trade Zone - Nansha trade zone has been a hot spot recently, with the exception of stir-frying and stir-fry shops, and quietly fermentation incubators They are like a big hand, pushing the Nansha into a land of entrepreneurship. But after all, this is the new district, and the business climate is still to be formed. Therefore, if you love him, let him go to the Nansha to start a business, there is good policy, low cost; But if you hate him, let him go, maybe three or four hours a day on the road.

A. Good policy
There are preferential policies at all levels, and there is a free trade area.

In order to attract entrepreneurs to the Nansha islands, the Nansha government issued preferential policies to promote entrepreneurship last march. In addition to enjoying the preferential policies of Guangzhou, we can also enjoy all kinds of preferential policies for entrepreneurship provided by Nansha District, including one-time start-up support subsidy, start-up project solicitation subsidy, start-up support subsidy and so on. In addition, college graduates can enjoy other employment and start-up subsidy policies. Its staff told reporters that this is the most preferential subsidy policy in the Nansha area, after the Guangdong free trade area is listed, entrepreneurs will enjoy more preferential policies in tax, business registration and other aspects.

For entrepreneurs, more enticing than start-up subsidies is a potential boon for the free trade zone. Although the Nansha free trade area has not yet been listed, the relevant policies are not yet clear. But referring to the experience of the Shanghai free trade zone, the benefits of entrepreneurship in the free trade area include the simplification and efficiency of the process, the preferential policies of import and export tax policies, and the innovation advantages brought by financial policies. According to the understanding, after the free trade area was approved, more than 200 enterprises were ready to register in the Nansha free trade area.

Last October, Guangzhou Yuye trading co., ltd. entered the Nansha. Xiaotian Li, the company's overseas manager, said that the choice of Nansha was the choice to become a free trade area. The company is a traditional heavy asset enterprise, and is mainly trading in steel. He hopes to get a free ride on the free trade area.After studying financial 15 and the experience of the Shanghai free trade area, he hoped that the free trade area would bring benefits to the company in tax refund, financing and logistics. The former export tax rebate will take two or three months, and the free trade zone may realize the immediate tax refund for the export, this can relieve the company's financial pressure; Our financing environment will be much better after overseas financing institutions enter the free trade area.

B. Many incubators
The creative garden has reached out an olive branch, and technology and cultural enterprises are favored

According to the survey results of the youth entrepreneurship survey released by Guangzhou municipal party committee recently, 36 percent of young entrepreneurs in the current generation believe that the most important thing is financial support. The other measures were policy support (25.1%), technical support (22.3%) and venue support (16.6%). Entrepreneurial incubator base can provide support for entrepreneurs in terms of funds, policies, technology and other aspects, thus becoming the cradle of many entrepreneurial teams. At present, the Nansha business incubators include Nansha district, Guangzhou city science and technology innovation service center, Guangzhou modern industrial technology research institute, company business incubator platform, ZhuoCai CIC creative park, Fok Ying Tung research institute of the Hong Kong university of science and technology "red bird entrepreneurship nursery", etc. The emergence of these incubator bases has stimulated the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Nansha to a certain extent. Technology, Internet, cultural creativity and other industries are more likely to be favored by entrepreneurial incubators. In 2009, the Guangzhou institute of modern industrial technology settled in Nansha, which was jointly built by the ministry of education and the Guangzhou municipal government, and the south China university of technology led the construction of the overall planning and management team. The main task is to incubate scientific and innovative enterprises. To date, it has introduced nearly 100 million yuan of social capital, and has incubated 19 technology enterprises, such as Guangzhou Huhui bio-industrial co., LTD and Guangzhou Yuan Zheng intelligent technology co., LTD. The economic benefits of direct or indirect creation exceed 2 billion yuan.

Private incubation base is the most "earthing" of the million-enterprise incubator and Zhuo Cai CIC. Founded in 2013, Mr. Wang, the founder of the post-90s "part-time" who was met by premier Li Keqiang, was one of the first entrepreneurs. This year, there are more than 20 start-ups in the incubation base. Six of them have been transferred to the company. The startup team is in the nursery stage, mainly in trade, education training, e-commerce and science and technology. In addition to free use of the card, entrepreneurs can get counseling and guidance for free, as well as incubation, start-up financing, small loans, intermediary agents and other services.

At the beginning of this year, the creative park of Zhuo CIC was built and used, and the team needed to rent the office for 30 yuan per square meter. It can offer the services of entrepreneurs similar to the company above, and the current entrepreneurial projects are mainly cultural creativity, e-commerce and science and technology. With the approval of the free trade area, Nansha's entrepreneurial prospects have also been favored by Hong Kong and Macao.

At the beginning of this year, the Hong Kong university of science and technology, the Fok Yingdong institute, initiated the establishment of a "red bird startup nursery" in Nansha., and they invited young people with creative dreams to join and provided them with a platform to show creativity and achieve their dreams. In addition, the fifth annual millionaire entrepreneurship competition held by the university of science and technology of Hong Kong has also set up a competition in the Nansha islands for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the local entrepreneurial team of nansha won the competition among the 120 participating teams in the world, relying on the software of "SeeKar", one of the three finalists in the mainland.

C. Low cost of living
The cost of living transportation can be half the cost of downtown

One of the low-cost factors. The rent, food and other living expenses of Nansha are lower than the central urban area. An e-commerce startup team has eight people, renting a three-story building in Huangge, Nansha, for a monthly rent of 2,000 yuan. The card seats used in the incubation base are not rent. The cost of the staff's food and transportation and living supplies costs about 10,000 yuan a month. Living in a central city, eight people spend at least 20,000 yuan a month. Several entrepreneurs revealed that after the Guangdong free trade area was approved late last year, the entrepreneurial environment of Nansha has changed quietly. The office efficiency of government departments has improved significantly in the following years, and the service attitude has improved a lot, Li said. Located in Huangge financial street of Nansha district, the company is the first private employment incubation base for private enterprises. Hong Ye, chairman of the company, recalled that when he arrived at here two years ago, the surrounding area was deserted, and every day except for eating and sleeping, it was work. At the beginning of this year, there were not only small restaurants around, but also big supermarkets, KTV, and the free and open huangge sports park, which brought great convenience to the life of the entrepreneurial group.

The entrepreneur Li Hui is delighted with the opening of the free trade zone Nansha. This bus from the bus terminus to Tianhe bus terminus is a great convenience for him to talk about business and friends in the central city. I've had to go to the subway several times before, and now it's an hour's sleep.

At the beginning of the start-up, the office rent was the most expensive in addition to staff costs. A comparison of the cost of rent alone has found that the cost of Nansha is low. Recently, Xiaowen in Nansha district, rented an office for a creative park, covers an area of about 50 square meters, the monthly rent 1700 yuan, the equivalent of 34 yuan/square meters, the first month is free, so the annual rent is RMB 18700. For the first year, the rent and utility bills are only about 20,000 yuan per year.

Compared with the general office in Nansha District: a year can save about 13 thousand yuan. If the other office buildings in the nansha area are rented, the monthly rent of 50 yuan per square meter will be 2500 yuan per month, and the rent will be 30,000 yuan per year. At the same time, it is necessary to pay about RMB 3.50 per square meter for the charge of the material, and it will cost 175 yuan per month, and the charge will be 2,100 yuan a year.The rental cost is expected to exceed 33,000 yuan, 13,000 yuan higher than the creative park.

Comparison with downtown creative park: at least 120 thousand yuan per year

If the office of TIT creative park near the subway station is rented, the rent of RMB 200 yuan/square meter is calculated, and the monthly rent of 50 square meters is 10,000 yuan, and the annual rent is 120,000 yuan. With water and electricity, at least 100,000 yuan more than in the Nansha creative park.

Besides, the rent is high around TIT creative park. We rented apartment in the district is 1,600 yuan a month, with a similar house renting at $3,000 a month for the neighborhood of TIT's creative park, and a total of $1.68 million for a year.

Restaurants in the nansha area are slightly lower than downtown. Traffic, publicity and other expenses are not controlled, and they are not compared. Rough calculation, in the Nansha business, the basic expenses can be saved more than 120,000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Nansha will build an hour's living circle

On March 11, Chen Jianhua, deputy secretary of Guangzhou municipal party committee and mayor of Guangzhou, said publicly, in addition to the planned south extension of line 4, which is already under construction, Nansha will also build line 18. In the future, Nansha will plan 28 rail transits and 8 highways. In this way, the life of Nansha is basically formed with the surrounding areas, including Hong Kong and Macao. If we go to Nansha to work or live in Nansha, or work in Nansha and Hong Kong and Macao or surrounding cities, the road time is not more than one hour, most in less than 30 minutes.

The business environment of Nansha is yet to be established

Although the policy "Dongfeng" is constantly blowing, it seems that, for the time being, it is impossible to start a business in Nansha. At the same time, it should be seen that some of the entrepreneurial incubation bases in Nansha have not been very effective and have even become ordinary office buildings, making the simplest leasing and material management. The head of a start-up incubator, who asked not to be named, said the incubator had been in existence for several years but had not introduced any start-up projects. The reason is that he believes that there is a problem in the operation and management of the base, but more importantly, the Nansha has not yet formed a mature start-up environment. The infrastructure is not perfect and the atmosphere of entrepreneurship is weak. It is difficult to attract creative and promising entrepreneurial teams at this stage.

"It's not like a business place where you grow up and you go."

"It's just another world"

Yang Chuan, director of the incubator, admits that "the first two years in the incubation program here, when they grow to a certain extent, they will leave the spratly and move to the downtown area."When they came, they were looking at the supporting services we offered, and the lower cost of living in the Nansha. But when they grew up, they found out that it was just a kindergarten, and the business atmosphere was not strong, not like a place to do business.

Yang said that there is a weekly salon with a theme of entrepreneurship, attracting college students from Zhuhai, Zhaoqing, Guangzhou city and Huadu. But the traffic that they come to nansha is not convenient. They need to get to the station in downtown Guangzhou first and then transfer to the subway. At 10 a.m. on weekends, they get up at 5 a.m., and it takes four or five hours. It is good if you can open Zengcheng, Huadu, and the Pearl River Delta direct to Nansha bus just fine.

Li Hui, an entrepreneur, was not happy with the traffic in the area. He was very upset because he couldn't afford to buy a car and couldn't find the right transport. In 2010, the new national standard for electric vehicles, which has been implemented since 2010, includes electric bicycles with more than 40 kg and more than 20 kilometers per hour. This very controversial standard has brought great troubles to residents after the Nansha has been implemented.Li Hui was taken away an electric car a few days ago, and now he can only ride the bike to talk business. The public transport of Nansha is difficult to wait, taxis are rarer, the motorcycle drives fast to frighten the dead, we hope that the district government pay attention to this problem, and improve the traffic.

Besides transportation, the shopping and recreational facilities of Nansha are also lacking. None of Guangzhou's nine major department stores are in the spratlys, and there are no major supermarket chains in the area. If you want a business partner to sing at a KTV, either you can't get a room, or it's too expensive, and it's a different world than downtown.

The problem of loan difficulty is not solved

Financing is one of the most common problems in the early stage of a start-up. It has been more than three months since the late last year of the nansha, when it issued "15 financial innovation" The incubator is located in huangge financial street in the Nansha district, which is home to the big four Banks and Guangfa bank and Guangzhou agricultural bank. But one of the entrepreneurs said, "there's no benefit at all." There are many banks, but lack of fund companies and other financial institutions, the risk of initial project is high, and it is difficult to get a bank loan. It is understood that none of the projects in this area have been successful. We can only help entrepreneurs apply for loans through the Guangzhou subway microloan company and Guangzhou equity trading center.

However, the situation is expected to improve soon. According to the report, as of the end of 2014, the Nansha new area has introduced more than 100 kinds of financial institutions. Apart from traditional financial institutions such as Banks, securities and insurance institutions, there are also emerging financial institutions such as microfinance, commercial factoring, finance leasing and fund management.

The Nansha free trade zone in Guangzhou is a new world base, and many people are aiming for a promising future. But before the Guangzhou Nansha free trade zone is well established, the entrepreneurs have to stay up for a while.

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