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China Joint Venture Accounting Requirements

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In order to strengthen the management of the company's financial accounting, regulate the financial behavior of the company, and ensure the company's continuous, stable and healthy development, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the relevant accounting standards promulgated by the Ministry of Finance, we formulated the financial system in accordance with the company's specific situation and the company's articles of association. The management of finance should carry out the policy of "industrious and thrifty enterprises". On the basis of strengthening macro control and microeconomics activity, we should effectively use various assets to raise and use funds properly. We should make financial balance plan, control, calculate and analyze the work, realize the optimal allocation of human, financial, material and technical resources, and strive to improve the economic benefit of the company.

The joint venture company needs to set up an independent financial institution, equipped with the business quality and the job responsibilities of the accounting personnel to do the financial accounting work.
The responsibilities of the financial manager are as follows:
(1) Under the leadership of the general manager, we should implement the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors;
(2) Responsible for organizing and executing the company's financial balance plan and credit plan, drawing up financing and use plans of the company, and opening up financial resources and effective use of funds.
(3) To organize the company to carry out the forecast, plan, control, accounting, analysis and assessment of the cost, and urge the relevant departments to reduce the consumption, save the cost and improve the economic benefits.
(4) Establish and improve the economic accounting system and organize the economic activity analysis meeting of the company.
(5) Responsible for the establishment of the company's financial institutions and the staffing of accounting personnel, the establishment and appointment of accounting professional posts, organize the business training and assessment of accounting personnel and support the accounting personnel to exercise their functions and powers according to law.
(6) Assist the general manager in making decisions on the company's production, operation, infrastructure and foreign investment. Participate in the formulation of new product development, technical renovation, scientific research, commodity price and salary bonus, etc., and participate in the research and review of economic agreements such as major economic contracts.
(7) Undertake other tasks assigned by the general manager.

The authority of the financial manager is as follows:
(1) They shall have the right to stop or correct any violation of financial disciplines, regulations, guidelines, policies, institutions and the actions that may cause losses and waste in the economy, when an invalid is stopped or corrected, the general manager shall be requested to handle it.
(2) Organize the economic accounting, financial accounting and cost management of various functional departments of the company.
(3) The supervisor approves the financial revenue and expenditure work. Major financial revenues and expenditures shall be approved by the general manager of the financial deputy general manager.
(4) The company's financial balance plan, cost and expense plan, credit plan, financial report and accounting decision report shall be signed by the deputy general manager. The major business plan, economic contract and economic agreement involving financial revenue and expenditure shall be countersigned by the deputy general manager of the financial affairs within the company.
(5) The appointment, promotion, transfer and rewards of accounting personnel shall be solicited in advance by the deputy general manager of the financial affairs office. The manager and deputy manager of finance department shall conduct business assessment by the deputy general manager of the finance department.
Article 8 the company shall have finance department, finance department manager and deputy manager. The manager of the finance department shall be nominated by the general manager and appointed by the board of directors. The deputy finance manager is appointed by the general manager.

Article 9 the financial department of the company is the competent department of the company's financial accounting business. Under the leadership of the chairman, general manager and financial deputy general manager, the company shall organize the financial accounting work.

Article 10 the responsibilities of financial department managers are as follows:
(1) Take charge of the daily work of the finance department and ensure the effective implementation of the post responsibility system of the finance department.
(2) Implement national laws, regulations and financial system of the company to maintain the integrity, safety and appreciation of the assets of the company.
(3) Responsible for the fund-raising, scheduling and management of funds, supervise the implementation of the economic contract, and check the non-receivable items on a regular basis, and urge the deadline to recover and prevent the loss of funds.
(4) Organize the preparation of the company's financial cost plan, review the legality, rationality and effectiveness of the company's financial revenues and expenditures, strictly control the cost expense and stop the extravagance and waste.
(5) Participate in discussions on major economic issues of the company and feasibility study of new business development, and participate in the negotiation, signing and review of major economic contracts of the company.
(6) to undertake the work assigned by the leaders.

The authority of the finance department manager is as follows:
(1) The company shall have audit, inspection and supervision of various funds and expenses.
(2) Participate in the research and decision-making of production and operation, investment, technological development and technological transformation of the company, and review its economic benefits.
(3) Have the right to dissuade, stop, dissuade or stop the invalidation of the income and expenditure and accounting matters of national policies, laws, institutions and the financial system, they have the right to report to the finance department and the deputy general manager of the finance department and report to the chairman directly on matters of great loss to the company's rights and interests.

(4) The company shall have the right to propose amendments to the relevant economic systems and regulations.
(5) The organization shall have the right to request relevant information on the business activities of the relevant departments.
(6) The company shall consult the financial department manager in advance for the appointment, removal, transfer and reward and punishment of the financial personnel.

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