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Deeper Cooperation Makes Tax Services More Convenient in Guangzhou FTZ

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We will break through the traditional tax publicity mode, and join in the initiative to launch the special subway system

This tax promotion is carried out by the publicity department of the Guangzhou FTZ district committee, the internal revenue service and the district tax. This propaganda activity mainly by "tax public welfare propaganda subway train" approach, relying on the carriage door, window posts, kanban, such as publicity platform, focused play tax policy, tax guidance, reform and innovation, etc. The publicity campaign, through cartoon images and popular language, was designed with exquisite graphic design and simple words. Attract taxpayers to pay attention to tax, understand tax, comply with tax law, and play the role of information transfer. To create a special tax public awareness campaign featuring free trade zones. In terms of content, the four carriages separately showed the four themes of joint win-win cooperation, the construction of innovative service free trade area, Internet + intelligent service, and the high-quality and efficient tax handling of convenience people.

Hosting one of the project, the Guangzhou FTZ land tax service bureau chief Yahong Zhang is introduced, the reason will be the subway advertising as a new tax public welfare propaganda position, mainly considering the metro line point more, long, wide surface, which helps to expand the object of propaganda and scope. At the same time, create " Guangzhou FTZ tax public welfare propaganda subway train", can be more image, more concentrated to the taxpayers to spread knowledge of tax and Nansha free trade area of tax collection and administration, service innovation. We will build a favorable tax environment for the construction of free trade zones, and constantly promote the tax compliance and internationalization, legal and market-based improvement of the free trade area.

It is understood that this method is the first in the country to jointly use the subway to carry out the tax public service publicity. This is an innovation that has broken through traditional tax and publicity methods.

Sing the main melody of deep cooperation of Local Taxation and realize the goal of "entering a house and running two things"

One of the publicity themes of this subway train is the in-depth cooperation content of land tax in Guangzhou FTZ. Through the words and actions of national tax, cartoonish tax officer NaNa and SaSa, this paper introduces the "one window" service for the national land tax, which is the first in the city to realize and benefit the taxpayers of 1005. In GuangDong province, it has been the first to establish and have provided services for 3,083 taxpayers to provide services such as "one-hall" service, training and counselling "point monolation" service. This also explains the new way of land tax cooperation between the two countries.

In fact, the content is only a small microcosm of collaborative innovation services. As the first "county demonstration zone" of guangdong province, the land tax of the spratly region has been deepening cooperation as the number one project in the free trade area of innovation. The two sides have established a leading group on the work of creating a new benchmark for national land tax cooperation and a new model for government cooperation. A joint conference system and joint work office have also been established. They build a management model of "project system" that is clear, objective, strong and effective, and ensure that cooperation responsibilities can be implemented, the cooperation links can be tracked, and cooperation effects can be tested. It has formed the linkage implementation mechanism of "lead lead - joint processing - joint promotion". We will effectively promote the development of regional tax cooperation.

Since 2015, the two sides continue to explore and improve gradually to create a "seven" brand cooperation mechanism construction, the establishment of a joint meeting system, the introduction of project management mode. The two sides will unite the two consensuses by "one mechanism for one". They build a joint service system tax service hall and the mutual establishment of portal navigation links.

Next, the local taxation bureau of the spratly region will take advantage of pilot free trade pilot area first. They actively explore various initiatives such as jointly carrying out the real-name tax registration system, the advance determination of tax matters and the "integration" management of the tax service office. They are committed to compete on the basis of cooperation projects and  create and build a brand of land tax cooperation with the characteristics of free trade zone.

With the innovative tax service of the theme of The Times, the taxpayer in the Guangzhou FTZ has been continuously promoted

In the "tax public interest publicity subway", the construction of the Nansha tax innovation service free trade area is particularly eye-catching. Since the free trade area has been approved, the land tax of the Guangzhou FTZ has been the top priority in the construction of innovative service free trade area, and launched a series of innovative measures. Guangzhou FTZ national tax, for example, in GuangDong province the irs 12 tax service innovation measures, on the basis of comprehensive docking Guangzhou FTZ taxpayers demand and integrated service resources, detailed introduction to the electronic tax bureau as the core of "tax e LAN son innovation service 22".This initiative has accelerated the development of a free trade area to build an international, efficient and convenient tax service management. They are committed to creating an intelligent free trade zone called "Internet + free trade tax". They with electronic tax, management efficiency, service convenience into the goal, to implement the "three easy" service the Internet covers a more comprehensive, implement "three fast" service strive for examination and approval ", dc speed ", implement "three-excellent" to optimize the tax environment for the convenience of service, implementation of the "triple" service and decentralization enhance efficiency. They have created a full - process "electronic taxation bureau", and the online acceptance has reached 278 items. This has already realized the taxpayer commonly used to carry on the tax affairs the Internet accepts. The move reduced the number of visits to taxpayers by about 75 percent and reduced the amount of paper sent by taxpayers to 80 percent. 203 tax collection and administration tax documents realize electronic distribution, covering more than 95%. They implemented mobile terminal micro services and provided "all-day easy" self-service tax service, with a total of 3,083 taxpayers providing services. This initiative has achieved better social results. They provide e-invoice service with "open ticket", breaking through the industry restrictions that have only issued electronic invoices in e-commerce enterprises. This has realized the successful application of electronic invoice in the public service industry. This initiative has also led to the acceleration of the examination and approval of export tax rebates in the whole area. For the export enterprises of the free trade zone, the "express rebate green channel" service is implemented, and the overall tax refund progress is more than 30 percent. Cancel average taxpayer cognizance link management certificates of two submitted data and field inspection link, the realization of average taxpayer qualification "instant transferred", which has 1638 taxpayer qualification registration. The invoice of the instrument was delivered to the door, and the mail delivery of the certificate of the instrument was delivered, and the invoice 12849 was accumulated. In order to realize the smooth transition of the "business reform and increase" work, the total migration data has been 15,644. And joint land tax to carry out business training, for the business tax taxpayer smoothly transition ready.

The Guangzhou FTZ property tax is specially established to establish a leadership group and three business innovation groups, and the first time to study and formulate a plan for the construction of a service free trade area. They organized 20 measures to build an innovative service free trade area. They are the first in the country to introduce the initiative of "voluntary tax declaration", eliminating the identification and zero declaration of the tariff (fees) of all the taxpayers of the unit. This measure effectively achieves the "double - minus - minus". They are the first in the province to introduce the "three generations" fee full process electronic payment, which will be the first seven approval procedures and a submission link. This effectively solves the problem that the taxpayer is not willing to apply for "three generations”. The move was widely welcomed by businesses. After the completion of the business system, the initiative will be replicated throughout the city. In addition, the spratly property tax is also the first to implement the new method of tax management service for the administration of tax administration. They continue to comb and streamline the approval process. In the 664 tax (fee) business, 608 realized immediate settlement, and the immediate settlement rate reached 91.6%, which is the highest proportion of work items in the country. The average time period of the 56 implementation limits is reduced from 15 days to 3 days. They were the first to release the tax authority list. In the document, the seven categories of power responsibility are combed, which corresponds to the case of liability. This strengthens the tax authority to operate the supervision and restriction. In accordance with the law, tax payers have been able to provide tax advance ruling service, and make efforts to reduce the tax risks of taxpayers and provide services for investment and construction of key projects in the free trade area. They strengthened thematic counselling and tracking services for tax policy and sorted out the collection of 80 existing effective local tax incentives. There are 12 categories of 155 active push and personalized subscription services for taxpayers.

In terms of tax service, the Guangzhou FTZ land tax will adhere to the demand for tax payment, relying on "Internet +" and innovative service mode. They insist on optimizing the service means, and the taxpayer is constantly improving. Promotion tax (fee) business full process "paperless" online, the homogeneity rate is 93.5%. We will also build a new pattern of tax services for homogenization. The "non-packing list" ranges from 4 items to 75 items, including 45 items. Four types of 468 business implementation "tongchengtong", covering more than 70% of the business scope. They create "micro-services on their fingertips", and realize remote booking for WeChat, Weibo and mobile phone. Their self-directed micro film "the trip to the tax Duang" was reprinted by the WeChat public of the state administration of taxation, and won the excellence award in the provincial land tax micro video competition.

Guangzhou FTZ, next, the land tax will grab the free trade area of the construction of the "window period", combining with the characteristics of the Nansha industry, resources advantage and the strategic positioning of the actual and set forward thinking, expand cooperation field of vision and ideas. They will continue to try first, in accordance with the international rules and advanced concepts, and strive to introduce more replicable and scalable Nansha experiences to enhance the sense of the taxpayers of the Guangzhou FTZ.
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