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European Media Pay Close Attention to the Report of the Nineteenth Chinese Communist Party

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In October 18th, the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China was opened in Beijing. On behalf of the eighteenth Central Committee, Xi Jinping made a report to the general assembly. The report stressed that China will maintain the content of economic openness, and soon attracted the attention of European media.

China's opening up brings opportunities for French enterprises
French news radio local time October 18th interview with the experts Chinese economic problems Marie - Francoise Renard ms.. Ms. Renard pointed out that President Xi stressed that China would maintain economic openness, which would bring new opportunities for French enterprises. "China's opening up means that more foreign companies are likely to be admitted," Ms. Renard said. China's manufacturing industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading, while its domestic research and development capabilities are strong, but still insufficient to meet the domestic needs. China will complete the technology transfer through more foreign enterprises in the future. In addition, in strengthening market economy efficiency and increasing competitiveness, China also needs the participation of foreign enterprises.

For the French business opportunities, Ms. Renard pointed out: ""the future development trend of China's economy and the characteristics of French enterprise competitiveness, such as sustainable development, power supply, waste disposal, is French company specialized field. In addition, the processing of agricultural products is France. Chinese people are very concerned about food safety. At present, many French food processing enterprises have settled in China, accounting for 2% of France's overseas investment, which is quite impressive."

The steady development of China's economy will benefit the euro
"The steady development of China's economy will benefit the euro", the Paris bureau of Reuters wrote on October 17. Articles refer to France, a think-tank, the international information and prospects of the research center expert for emerging economies - Joseph game's analysis, pointed out that "China while facing the aging of the social trend, but still with the aid of the domestic market to maintain economic growth. China can also maintain economic growth by working with emerging countries to promote global trade through its foreign trade. French noble elegant asset management group, head of the strategic development of vettel DE balkenende also pointed out in this paper: "the world economy to revive from the development of Chinese economy, China is the largest country in the contribution to global growth."

The Swiss times also wrote in October 18th that Germany's economic development is largely affected by the cycle of China's economic development. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Evelyn Hermann and Jill Moek pointed out that when Chinese Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index growth, Germany's economic growth will accelerate, while Germany's economic growth will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the enhancement of the strength of the euro.

Xi Jinping pointed out clearly in the nineteen reports that China will protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment. All enterprises registered in China should be treated equally and equally." "This is a friendly position," the AFP news agency said on October 18, citing a response from Peter Furman, chairman and executive chairman of China capital corporation. The office of the European Chamber of Commerce and industry in Beijing also welcomed the content of the report.

The stability of China's economic growth is not worrying
French financial media AGEFI daily on October 18th article quoted at societe generale, the analysis of the economic experts pointed out that "the stability of China's economic growth is not worrying, this summer, for example, the Chinese government to take measures for controlling the real estate speculation, and control of monetary fund market risk of investment".

"AGEFI daily" also pointed out that in October 15th the people's Bank of Chinese governor Zhou Xiaochuan attended the International Monetary Fund and the world bank annual meeting in Washington, China reiterated the importance of financial reform, and optimistic about the economic growth to maintain confidence in Chinese. "AGEFI daily" quoted Nomura Securities economist analysis, think this is the people's Bank of China released a positive signal. China will remain objective and prudent in monetary policy, which will help to maintain the stability of liquidity in the financial sector.

AFP also wrote in October 18, the Chinese government in the face of the financial sector, China's debt problems, and the risk of real estate market, take a firm stance to prevent, especially in the field of real estate. "The house is for living, not for firing," xi said in a report of the nineteen ninety-nine. Article quoted Hu Weijun, an analyst at Macquarie group (transliteration) analysis, points out that "this shows that China wants to convey signals, emphasis on economic growth, though important, but there is only growth is still not enough."

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