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Is China a Good Place for Foreigners to Work?

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As the global economy powers out of COVID, China’s economy continues to grow at an unparalleled pace. China has recently emerged as the world’s second-largest economy and is expected to surpass the USA’s GDP in the upcoming years. Therefore, more people are heading to the country for work and business. China offers tremendous job prospects to foreigners with lucrative salary packages and life-changing opportunities. Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons that make China an ideal place to work.

1.Chinese work culture

While, China is generally known for its 996 work culture, there are some amazing characteristics of working in China that you should know about. Since the working hours in China are on the longer side, employers generally allow employees to take a noon nap every day. This type of flexibility boosts employee productivity and allows for healthy work-life balance. Besides, the work contracts in China are not rigid. If an employee doesn’t agree with some terms and conditions they can always negotiate them with their employer.

Another important aspect of Chinese business is the interpersonal relationships of entrepreneurs, employers, employees, and workers. The concept is termed “Guanxi”, and is regarded as one of the most highly valued facets of Chinese society.

Guanxi has a fundamental impact on the employee’s voice. It promotes an amicable relationship between employees and employers, which is why Chinese workers find it relatively easier to speak up about their concerns in front of their supervisors.

2.Career choices

China has become a global business hub in recent years and remains the most attractive country for graduates looking for employment opportunities. The most popular careers for foreigners and ex-pats in China include:

a)The Education Sector
China considers bilingual education as an important part of social and economic development. Therefore, there is an enormous demand for English language teachers in China. Every year, a significant number of teachers are hired for kindergartens, schools, colleges, and universities. These jobs are profitable and come with remunerative salary packages.

b)Trade and Commerce
China’s economy is ranked 31st in ease of doing business, according to the World Bank. This implies that it's comparatively easier to establish a business in China than in other parts of the world.

Being one of the major global economic leaders, the country is now the most lucrative market for international trade and commerce. Here’s why doing business in China is valued.

The Chinese government’s policies are highly favorable to local and foreign entrepreneurs. The government takes proactive measures to support new businesses in the establishment of their firms as well as the manufacturing and transportation of goods and supplies. They provide citizenry business subsidies to startups to support creativity and innovation.

China’s entrepreneurial environment has radically improved over the recent years. New companies and startups can easily approach creditors and business partners to finance their business. The government has taken steps to cut red tape and minimize corporate costs to empower young entrepreneurs and create a facilitative business ecosystem.

A business’s workforce plays a key role in its establishment and success. According to a report, around 7.6 million students graduate from public colleges and undergrad universities every year. Therefore, skilled talent is abundant in China and new businesses can easily find competitive individuals to successfully compete in global markets.

Innovation is the key driver of economic progress in a country. China’s 14th business plan primarily focuses on “quality development.” The country plans to become a leading technology force by 2030, which is why their business policies are continuously evolving. The continuous innovations in economic development regulations help startups and young entrepreneurs find new business opportunities on a regular basis. They can utilize these incredible technological developments to simplify manufacturing procedures and reduce production costs.

For a successful entrepreneurial venture, economic, political, and social stability are equally important. With stable political and social circumstances, a business can easily predict future market trends and strategize long-term plans accordingly.

c)Technology sector
As mentioned earlier, China has transformed into a technological giant over the recent years. Tech companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei have become the top choices for jobs among local and foreign IT graduates. These companies are always on the lookout for international candidates to diversify the workplace — offering higher salary packages and greater growth prospects than competitors.

3.Boosts your CV

International work experience makes your resume stand out among other job applications. It shows the employer that you have worked in a foreign work environment and can adjust to a diversified company. Besides, working abroad broadens a person’s perspectives and they can bring newer ideas to the table when the company has to make plans for developments and marketing.

This is especially true if you have worked in China. It’s no secret that Chinese work culture is quite different from other countries. Only the most passionate and dedicated people can survive in such a competitive environment. If a person has worked in China, they surely are culturally competent and understand how to overcome cultural differences and language barriers. Such individuals are strong candidates for leadership and management positions.

4.Traveling opportunity

China is an exotic place for traveling and tourism. From extravagant skyscrapers to traditional food restaurants and culturally diverse communities, you can enjoy all the perks of tourism at a reasonable price.

What’s more is that China is not only famous for its high-rise buildings and enticing food but the country is also endowed with breathtaking landscapes. There are loads of tourism attractions for visitors in China, including but not limited to Mongolia’s grasslands, Karst highlands of Guangxi, rice paddies of southern Yunnan, and Sichuan-based Jiuzhaigou National Park.

Besides, if you move to China for work, you will also get easy access to some amazing tourist destinations such as the Great Wall, Palace Museum, Shanghai, Terracotta Warriors, and other popular places.

5.Living Expenses in China

The cost of living in China is significantly lower than in other countries. This makes it easier for foreigners to maintain a higher standard of living at lower costs and focus more on their career growth. The numbers, however, may vary from place to place. Larger cities like Beijing and Shanghai are comparatively more expansive than secondary cities like Kunming or Chengdu. Similarly, living in smaller cities and the countryside is cheaper.

According to an estimate, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in China for around $800 a month, which is much lower as compared to other developed countries of the world. Besides, if you teach English, chances are your housing and basic healthcare services will be completely free, however, you’ll have to pay for utilities, food, and transportation.

6.Learning Outcomes

According to statistics, the Chinese language is the second most spoken language in the world. Learning Chinese can offer you numerous personal and professional benefits and help you gain a clear understanding of various cultures.

Besides, Chinese Mandarin is also spoken in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Mongolia, and the Philippines. So, if you plan to expand your business to these countries, learning Mandarin can provide immense benefits.

Humans have an innate desire to understand different cultures and socialize with different types of people. Living in China, you’ll get to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds. Learning Chinese Mandarin will not only enable you to build long-term relationships with people but it will also help you read and understand books written by Chinese authors.

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, so their books, novels, and folktales are mind-blowing. Reading Chinese biographies and success stories will broaden your worldview.

Want to work in China?

Working in China is indeed a life-changing experience. The best way to acquire a job in China is networking. You can leverage your contacts to easily penetrate the Chinese corporate world.

That said, it’s quite understandable that most people don’t have contacts outside their country, but there are still numerous ways in which you can build contacts. You can reach out to people on social platforms like LinkedIn or apply for jobs on online websites. With increasing globalization rates Chinese companies have also started to open job positions online.

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