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Five Reasons to be Bullish on China's Economic Outlook

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The high toughness of economic growth
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's gross domestic product grew 6.8 percent in the third quarter of this year, with the economy running at 6.7 percent to 6.9 percent for nine consecutive quarters, maintaining a medium-high growth rate. Will this recovery continue?

From the outside, the global economy has recovered and China's foreign trade situation will usher in a better environment, said Wei Jigang, director of the research office of the research center for industrial economics at the state council development research center. And from the inside, agriculture is basically stable, the manufacturing sector is expanding moderately, the service sector and the high-tech industries have maintained good growth, and structural adjustment will drive economic growth.

Economic resilience also comes from openness. Wei pointed out that China will undertake a new round of large-scale opening, opening up will gather people, data flow, information flow, in this case, China could become a global trade center and even a global hub by 2030.

Business environment continues to be optimized
China's openness and business environment is a reference. According to statistics, China has been the top developing country in the world for 25 consecutive years, and the foreign business environment is improving.

Zhao Ping, director of international trade research at the China council for the promotion of trade promotion, said China's investment environment is generally positive. The government attaches great importance to optimizing the investment environment, increasing the degree of openness to foreign investment and constantly having new policies on the investment environment improvement measures.

The housing market is "cooling" in the long run
Over the past year, China's various property market regulation policies have been released, and the market has gradually leveled off. With the sale and increase of the supply of property ownership, the more clear long-term mechanism is getting closer and closer.

Zhu Zhongyi, former vice President of China real estate industry association, believes that the current Chinese real estate market is developing towards " the objective of everyone has the housing right" and in a healthy direction. With the official market positioning, the authorities will accelerate the construction of the long-term mechanism.

As for the specific institutional arrangements, Zhu believes that the housing system should be improved in the first place, and the housing supply system of multi-subject win-win cooperation, multi-channel guarantee, lease purchase and purchase should be improved. We will accelerate legislation on the housing rental market and accelerate the development of institutionalized and large-scale leasing enterprises. On the basis of this, the system of land, finance, taxation, legal system and market supervision are established.

The debt risk remains manageable
The risk prevention is one of the key points of China's economic work. The risks come not only from the financial sector, but also from local and corporate debt.

Although China's overall leverage ratio is within a reasonable range, it still has a relatively high leverage ratio of state-owned enterprises,' said Wan Zhe, chief economist at the national development and reform commission's center for international cooperation. In this regard, China has put forward a number of policies and measures earlier, to leverage, clean up local debt platforms, and optimize the way of government budget.

She said that under the domestic debt structure, the state-owned enterprises, although the leverage ratio is higher, but because of the characteristic, at present China in this regard also won't have a similar loss of trust between creditors and debtors, and formation of the mandatory and unable to pay off the contradiction between crisis. Moreover, the credit crisis and efficiency crisis have been deeply concerned. And during the process of preventing systemic financial risk and strengthening the financial regulation, it is to be corrected gradually.

A vigorous recovery of private investment
The lack of private investment has plagued China's economy. The private investment fell sharply last year. Various aspects of the stimulus policies to enhance the confidence of private investors.

"From the current economic trend, the stimulus has had some success." Huaxia new supply-side economics institute's chief economist, Jia Kang, said the current China's economic growth in the overall ascension, positive index, and support the situation, it is not only the big companies, but also many micro SMEs.

HSBC bank (China) co., LTD., vice President and director of industrial and commercial financial, Fang Xiaoyi also pointed out that, according to the survey, most medium-sized enterprises bullish on the future business prospects in China, and is committed to open up the domestic market. In a stable macroeconomic environment, the enterprises will expand with market opportunities, relying on continuous investment in technology and continuously improved production efficiency.

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