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Which Industries Need to be Registered with Hong Kong Companies and Overseas Companies?

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Due to the particularity of Hong Kong registered companies, certain industries are destined to be registered with Hong Kong companies to operate and develop. So which industries need to register with Hong Kong companies and overseas companies?

The foreign trade industry
1. Personal foreign trade entrepreneurship

After personal SOHO registered in Hong Kong, it is convenient to conduct business in the name of the company. It can use Hongkong company to open foreign currency account in Hongkong or mainland, and without limit to collect foreign currency; Application for foreign trade website membership and participation in overseas exhibitions.

2. Foreign trade enterprise

Import and export companies on the mainland: the use of the Hongkong company account unlimited collection of foreign exchange, and foreign exchange can be in and out of free, it is mainly used for import and export entrepot and other business needs, and it can also get export tax refund. With the development of trade, more and more people are opening companies abroad. Such companies are usually called offshore companies.

The Manufacturing industry
1. Manufacturing, processing enterprises

The production enterprise can be used to make the label processing, and use the overseas company's popularity to improve the competitiveness of the product. Establish an international company image and create international brand! There is no limit to the scope of business, and companies are freer to name.

2. Manufacturing and processing enterprises (with import and export business)

In addition to the above mentioned, it is used to make the label processing, and to improve the competitiveness of the product by taking advantages of overseas company's popularity; In addition to setting up an international company image and creating an international brand, such enterprises, which have import and export needs, usually use bills purchased or use export broker to export the goods. After the establishment of the Hong Kong company, it is convenient to keep the funds in Hong Kong, so as to enable foreign exchange in and out of the country and other business needs, as well as export tax rebates. Developing transnational business, enhancing corporate image, and the world economy becoming more and more integrated. Business is increasingly presenting the trend of cross-border development, and enterprises often use transnational operation to enhance enterprise strength and expand the business operation area. The establishment of offshore companies is a shortcut for enterprises to go global, carry out transnational operations and enhance their international image. The establishment of transnational corporations and group companies can not only improve image and bring better economic benefits. When some contracts are signed, the project negotiation often requires the cooperation and participation of overseas companies, which is an indispensable factor for improving the reputation of enterprises and getting to the purpose of negotiation. The original local company has been limited in its development at home and registered overseas, which can facilitate the restructuring and separation of capital, such as coinage, good or bad separation, etc. Increase credit, also convenient curve listing, such as the mutual recognition of the listed qualifications between the UK and UK countries.

The form of holding and authorization—— controlling and authorizing the production of mainland enterprises

We can use Hong Kong companies and trademarks to create brands to enhance our international image. For example: in our daily life, we often see some product packaging that says "authorized production by XX international company of Hong Kong" belongs to this form. Because of the remarkable international status of Hongkong, enterprises often like to use the popularity of Hongkong to pack their own enterprises. It uses advantageous resources to build international brand more quickly and effectively, laying the foundation of specialized international brand. For example, Hong Kong's clothing, toys, cosmetics, cultural publishing and other industries have certain competitive advantages in the world. The establishment of such a company in Hongkong can immediately share the overall national image and status, to some extent, it can enhance the company's own competitive ability.

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