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Representatives of the 19th National Congress of CPC Discussed the Construction of a Free Trade Port

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The report of the19th National Congress of CPC: "promoting the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern" is described in part on the construction of future free trade zones as follows: "to give free trade zones greater autonomy in reform and exploration of free trade ports." The reporter understands that Shanghai, Tianjin and other cities now have proposals to build a free trade port, the report will "explore the construction of free trade ports" to future national development plans. There was no doubt that there was a strong reaction among the representatives, experts and scholars and researchers of the 19th National Congress of CPC. This gives the followers great encouragement and inspiration.

It is understood that the free trade port is also known as the "free port". It is a port area located in the territory of a country, outside the customs administration level, which allows foreign goods and funds to enter and exit freely. All or most of the goods in and out of the port are exempted from duty. Allow for the modification, processing, long-term storage or sale of business activities within the port, tariffs must be paid only when the goods are transferred to the dutiable areas of the countries where the free trade ports are located.

What is the difference between free trade zone and free trade port?Zhao Yanyun, a researcher at the citic reform development research foundation and deputy secretary-general of the China center for public finance research at Peking University, told reporters, the tariff is different, free trade port is basically zero tariff, free trade zone tariff has certain margin of preferential treatment; Free trade port can be declared after advanced goods, free trade zone has to be declared after customs clearance; The preferential tax rate of free trade port is greater than that of free trade zone; Free trade ports are mainly landing visas. Free trade port enterprises are usually registered, and the free trade zone registered enterprises usually have to report to them. Free trade ports are freer than free trade zones.

From September 2013 to 2017, the State Council successively established 11 free trade zones. China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone is the first free trade zone in mainland China. In recent years, the Shanghai free trade area has made great progress and achievements. This time, the report of 19th National Congress of CPC mentioned the exploration of free trade port and the Shanghai free trade zone as a strong shot. Zheng Yang, head of the communist party committee of the communist party of China and the head of the Shanghai municipal finance committee, said, Shanghai free trade zone will promote the development of the spot market for free trade commodities, and exploration and futures market linkage pilot, support commercial Banks and other financial institutions to provide more financial services for commodities and derivatives transactions, we will expand the function of cross-border business financial services in free trade ports, and allow financial institutions to innovate all kinds of foreign financing methods to support the construction of free trade ports.

"This major decision is a major strategic decision of the CPC central committee," Zhao said. Its strategic significance is comparable to the policy of the economic zone in the 1980s, which fully demonstrates the determination of China's reform and opening up.

At present, there are 11 free trade zones in our country, and if it is upgraded to a free trade port, Shanghai is the best condition.

Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian and other free trade zones have their respective strengths. But he thinks Tianjin is the most significant, broadest and most promising.

Why Tianjin is the most important, Zhao Yayun's explain that the southern coastal free trade area represented by Shanghai is originally a developed area. Both the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and the Fujian region have already had a per capita GDP of more than $10,000. These local free trade zones are the icing on the cake. However, the area around Tianjin free trade area is less developed, and the promotion of the economic development in the surrounding areas after a free trade port is a driving force for economic development in the surrounding areas. Its radiation levels are far from comparable with other free trade zones. According to the historical law of world economic development, the gradual slowdown of the economic growth rate of per capita GDP will be a big trend. The economic development level of the neighboring provinces of Tianjin is still relatively low, and the economic growth potential is great. The Tianjin free trade area will be promoted as a free trade port, which will lead the neighboring provinces and contribute more to the economic development of the whole country. As one of the fastest growing developed provinces, Tianjin also has the ability to shoulder the burden of driving the development of surrounding provinces.

The free trade area of Tianjin with the Shanghai free trade zone is a core mission of institutional innovation. In order to promote the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, we will make efforts to become an open platform for the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the front area of the national reform and opening and the test field of system innovation, and the world high level free trade zone. Sun Zhijie, head of the department of customs and excise department of Tianjin, said, Tianjin customs will accelerate the construction of a free trade zone. They will support enterprises to carry out the commodity spot bonded trade, parallel import car transfer, international transshipment container shipping container, etc. and support the development of new trade formats and boost the scale of cross-border e-commerce, and support automobile parallel import, finance lease and bonded maintenance.

"Exploring and constructing free trade port area" is a great strategic opportunity for Binhai new area. Dr Jiang Ning, the coastal comprehensive development research institute, said: "as the second approved national new district, Binhai new area is not only the undertaker of national strategy but also the starting point of national strategy. In the past ten years, Binhai new area has been the first strategy in the east, and has been responsible for comprehensive supporting reform and regional development. In the new period, Binhai new area is in the intersection of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and One Belt And One Road. The opening of internal and external is the necessary choice to form a new era economy.

After several years of operation, the development of free trade area has achieved certain achievements. It is clear that China's open door will only grow larger and greater to support further liberalization of investment and trade facilitation. In order to break down the institutional mechanism that restricts the further development of the free trade area, the direction is clear. He believes that the Tianjin free trade area is the only free trade area in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, with the policy advantages of reform and innovation highland. In the construction of the new area of the Xiong'an district, there is a special position to provide support for the development of the new area. For the successful innovation of the system, we can extend the service to the new district of Xiong 'an. It can play a role in attracting resources and reconfiguring resources.

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