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The Change of Guangdong Free Trade Zone

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Since the 18th national congress of the CPC, the CPC central committee with comrade Xi Jinping as its core has put forward a series of new ideas and strategies for governing the governance of the country. It has provided scientific theoretical guidance and action guide for Guangdong. To today, what has been achieved in Guangdong's reform and development practices? The people's real sense of gain is the best answer. The changes that are visible to the common people, it is from the economic and social progress of Guangdong, and more it is from the grand layout of top-level design.

So, the southern daily selected a set of typical cases in the province, visited the news site, reviewed the changes of five years, and analyzed the new ideas and new measures behind this change. In the process of visiting, on the one hand, through the south + client on the whole live broadcast, on the other hand, the elite part of the collection, from this day on, we will launch the report by "bearing in mind the first five years of change · live in Guangdong". I will take you to experience five years of Guangdong's vicissitudes.

Five years change · live Guangdong
On December 7, 2012, after the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), President Xi Jinping arrived in Qianhai, the first stop of his visit to Beijing. Before the landmark "Qianhai stone", a series of important instructions, such as "relying on Hong Kong, serving the mainland and the world", were made to the Qianhai development and then went to Hengqin new area. It has been nearly five years since the visit of general

secretary Xi Jinping. During the period, the Guangdong free trade pilot zone was established. Guangzhou Nansha new area, Shenzhen Qianhai snake mouth, Zhuhai Hengqin new area three areas, they are the gateway hub for Guangdong to accelerate the development of a high level of opening-up.

The Guangdong free trade zone has been listed for nearly two years. Whether it's two or five years, it seems a bit short to put it in the river of history. However, the changes in the three areas are still remarkable: in 2012, the Nansha new area was still in a layout, but in 2016, it has set foot on the new journey to accelerate the construction of the sub-center of Guangzhou's Nansha new area. Before 2012, Qianhai was still a wilderness beach, now a modern new city; In 2012, Hengqin was a corner island, and soon after the Hong Kong and Macao pearl bridge opened to traffic, it will be the only land bridge between Hong Kong and Macao. In the last 1800 days, how has the three regions been portrayed vividly?

The court of Qianhai
Qianhai is the only socialist legal demonstration zone built by the state. The rule of law is not only a prominent feature of the Qianhai, but also its core competitive advantage and main driving force. Last month, Qianhai systematically issued 37 innovative achievements in the rule of law, and several innovative initiatives of the Qianhai court were selected. "We adhere to the international judicial philosophy to promote reform and draw on the beneficial experience of the world and Hong Kong." The former head of the sea court, Wen Changzhi said. The innovation of the court can be seen in its interior layout. In the first trial, the reporter saw that the plaintiff, the defendant's seat was not the relative setting, but the experience of the Hong Kong court, all facing the judge. This reflects both the idea of litigation and the confrontation between the former and the accused.

"In October last year, Qianhai's court had a dispute over the financing lease contract involving Hong Kong, which is the first case of Qianhai's court to apply Hong Kong law. The community is very concerned about it. It is considered a small step in the rule of law and a big step for business confidence. Wen said the case not only fully demonstrates the determination of the former sea to build a legalized business environment, but also helps strengthen the investment confidence of overseas investors. It also shows the confidence of the construction of the rule of law demonstration in Qianhai, as well as the national judicial ideology of freedom of contract, autonomy of meaning and equal protection.

Hengqin Macao youth entrepreneurship valley
In recent years, a large number of young makers from macao and Hong Kong have come to Hengqin, and in the garden-style office environment, seeds of entrepreneurship are emerging. "The entrepreneurial valley has provided us with an environment suitable for young people to start their own businesses, and the acceleration of our project has taken root in the mainland." Looking out of the window of the lush green, Anxin technology (Macao) limited company senior project manager Liu Zi dove said, after learning about hengqin's entrepreneurial atmosphere, I resigned myself to join the current team. "Income is a lot higher than your last job!" In less than two years, the company has received multiple rounds of investment, and now its products are exported to countries and regions such as Russia, Australia and Singapore, where turnover is growing rapidly.

The rapid growth of enterprises comes from the strong institutional support behind the entrepreneurial valley. "The entrepreneurial valley provides a lot of help to start-ups, such as the company's own business in Macao, and there is a special team," he said. It saves us a lot of time and money and is more convenient than it is in Macao. Liu Zige said, with the Hengqin New District "growing up", the company will also have more space.

Nansha bonded port area
"In order to maximize the benefit of enterprises, we have established the cross-border e-commerce customs clearance mode of" logistics, smooth and efficient, and effective supervision ". The standardized and automated customs declaration of cross-border e-commerce and paperless intelligent customs clearance are realized, and more than 95 percent of cross-border goods are realized through "second release". The deputy chief of the Nansha customs officer Liu Zuoren said. In addition, since the implementation of the reform of "Internet + Yitong Guan", the first pilot in Nansha, the cost of customs clearance has been 22,810,000 yuan. The smooth customs clearance environment, the high-quality customs clearance service has attracted Jingdong, Vipshop, Tmall, Netease koala, Suning Tesco, Amazon and other large e-commerce companies to choose the landing of Nansha, It has led the development of logistics enterprises such as Zhuzhi logistics, Cosco international, Shunfeng and Weishi. Nansha has initially formed a complete cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. "Said Wei Yanxiang, President of the Nansha cross-border e-commerce industry association.

Fund town of Qianhai Shengan
When you visit the former sea, you can see different types of financial institutions almost everywhere. The data shows that by the end of 2016, the cumulative registered financial enterprises in the area of the sector are 51, 000, accounting for half of the total number of registered enterprises in the area. Among them, there are 195 licensed financial institutions, commercial factoring and financing leasing business scale ranked first and third in the country. It has become the largest cluster of new financial and financial institutions in the country. Last year, financial companies accounted for 39.8 percent and 46.7 percent of the value added and tax increases in the former Haikou area.

This year, Qianhai will build a deep fund town. "This town is neither a real estate project nor a tourism project, but a financial industry park."  Yang Dumfei, general manager of Shenzhen Qianhai fund town development co., LTD., explained that the small town has benefited from the fund, which has benefited from the former strong industrial base and talent resources. "In Shenzhen, there are about 3,000 private managers in Shenzhen, and there are about 2,500 in Qianhai. There are 150 per square kilometer."

The Qianhai fund town is the first fund town in China's free trade area. It is located in the financial core area of the former Qaigui bay in Shenzhen. It is composed of 29 low density building, covers an area of 95000 square meters, with a focus on the introduction of public funds, private equity, venture capital funds, hedge funds, large asset management companies and other kinds of wealth managers. To build a first-class fund industry agglomeration area, hedge fund center and cross-border wealth management center.

On September 22, 2015, the first aircraft introduced by SPV of SPV in the Bohai sea 1 leasing SPV company was delivered, and and it realized the zero breakthrough of Guangzhou aircraft leasing.  By march this year, the lease had reached 15, with an asset value of $1.15 billion. By working with China southern airlines, and the Bohai sea as the control, the Kunlun gold rent, silver/gold etc, has reached a cooperation intention of 23 aircraft this year, involves the amount about $1.5 billion, more than 10 billion yuan. Nansha is becoming the third domestic aircraft leasing center after the Tianjin free trade zone and the Shanghai free trade zone.

Why do they choose Nansha? Xu Feng, general manager of Nanhang international finance leasing company, said that preferential policies, excellent service and beautiful environment are the main starting point for the company to choose the Nansha. The nansha free trade zone has established the financing lease innovation service base, according to the service standards of "expert + housekeeper", and they provide service from the establishment to operation of the basic business.

In addition to finance lease, Nansha's shipping also achieved rapid development. Song Xiaoming, deputy general manager of Guangzhou port corporation, told reporters that after years of development, Nansha has reinvented a "Guangzhou port". In 2015, the nansha port area achieved 282 million tons of cargo throughput, and the container throughput of 117.7 million, up 129% and 62%, respectively, compared with 2010. In 2016, container throughput increased by 8.1% year on year, and international cruise passengers (326,000) ranked third in the country.

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