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China Joint Venture Company Founded by Frankfurt Exhibition (Hongkong) Co., Ltd

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The world's leading trade fair organizers, Greater China headquarters of Frankfurt Exhibition Co. Ltd.  - Frankfurt Exhibition (Hongkong) Co. recently announced a partnership with Beijing Traders-Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd, and the agreement set up a new China joint venture company. Traders-Link is associated with the company of Beijing Traders-Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd, after the establishment of the joint venture, Beijing Traders-Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd will replace the new company, together with the China automobile maintenance equipment association and China automobile maintenance industry association, it became the co-organizer of AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition).

china joint venture company

The cooperation agreement was signed in Shanghai on November 10, 2017 by Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) limited and Traders-Link International Exhibition co., LTD. In the agreement, the two parties agree to jointly establish a joint venture called Tonglian exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD., with a majority stake in Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) limited. This cooperation has also been supported by the industry authorities such as the China automobile warranty equipment industry association (CAMEIA) and the Chinese automobile maintenance industry association (CAMRA).

Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) limited and Beijing Traders-Link International Exhibition co., LTD., signed a new joint venture agreement in Shanghai on November 10, 2017.

Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD covers 178 countries and regions and holds exhibitions and conferences in more than 50 regions around the world. Among them, in the exhibition section of "transportation and logistics", Frankfurt exhibition has rich customer network and market resources. There are 17 Automechanika exhibitions in 15 countries around the world and 16 other exhibition events related to the auto industry.

The establishment of a new joint venture will help the Frankfurt exhibition expand the size of the Asian market and strengthen its market influence in the area of maintenance and maintenance of the transport exhibition business. Mr Bausifeng, a board member of the Frankfurt exhibition group, said: "Frankfurt exhibition's Automechanika brand exhibition in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh city and new Delhi, as well as CAPAS exhibition in Chengdu, covering the whole industry chain, it provides a full range of services for the booming car market in China and Asia. Our next goal is to further optimize the depth of cooperation in all areas of the automotive industry."

"China, the world's largest car market, has seen significant growth in maintenance markets. While expanding our business sector, this cooperation has provided an effective channel and valuable opportunity for key customers in the field to explore China's booming automobile after-sales market. "He added.

The establishment of the joint venture company has grasped the best opportunity for the development of China's automobile market, and has created great opportunities for the international industry giants to expand the ever-changing maintenance and maintenance fields. He said: "as the promulgation of the new car sales management policy and beyond the increase of new car warranty vehicles, repair and maintenance industry of industrial structure is expected to be the dominant traditional 4s shops to the chain and independent after-sale repair shops and online platform for the emerging paradigm shift. Although the automobile after-sale market competition is more intense than ever, but also for the distributors, end users, the global maintenance products, suppliers and stakeholders provides unprecedented opportunities, I believe this cooperation will accelerate the restructuring of the market and bring about new business opportunities for industry chain practitioners at home and abroad. Mr. Wang also said that with the establishment of the new company, the size and category of exhibition of the 2018 AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition will be expanded. It will attract about 1,200 exhibitors and 60,000 professional visits.

The joint organizers of the AMR Beijing auto insurance show, the China automobile warranty equipment industry association (CAMEIA) and the China automobile maintenance industry association (CAMRA) also expressed their support and expectations.

Mr. Xie, President of China automobile warranty equipment industry association, said: "I am pleased that Frankfurt exhibition has joined AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition. As one of the world's leading trade fairs, the Frankfurt exhibition has a strong international network and extensive experience in the global automotive industry. With their participation, they can enhance the international image and global influence of AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition. At the same time, we will bring a win-win situation for our member enterprises and our industry colleagues. Mr. Yan Bo, secretary general of the China automobile maintenance industry association, said: "the establishment of the joint venture company, both for the exhibition itself or in terms of the integrated development of the whole after the car market will bring benefits, also will strengthen local companies closely connected with the global market."

Beijing Traders-Link International Exhibition co., LTD. will host the AMR Beijing auto insurance exhibition in Beijing every spring. With its many years of professional experience and rich domestic and international customer network, it has successfully built the exhibition into one of Asia's largest and top three professional auto insurance exhibitions. At the end of 2017, the exhibition area will be 110,000 square meters, with 1,139 exhibitors and 58,212 professional visitors. The exhibition products cover automobile repair and maintenance of the various areas of the industry, including maintenance, inspection, diagnosis, spraying, chain collision repair, car maintenance and cleaning, mechanics, technical training, and software, etc. A wide range of product category attracts many distributors and end users, including all kinds of dealers, 4S shops, garage, quick repair shop, service chain, testing station and bus transportation company.

The next AMR Beijing international auto insurance exhibition will be held from April 1 to 4, 2018 at the China international exhibition center in Beijing.

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