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China Representative Office Requirements

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What are the Requirements for Setting up a Representative Office in China?

The legal certificate of a foreign enterprise

*Foreign (regional) legal business operations issued by the country or regional authorities to provide proof of the original; if not, shall submit a notarized document, distributed by the local notary office or a lawyer issued by the embassy or consulate certification documents.

*Bank credit certificate of foreign enterprises
  • Original, bank official stationery, signed by the bank head and stamped with the bank seal;
  • Credit certificate content should include: account name, deposit balance, and reputation evaluation;
  • Valid for six months of the issue;

Letter of appointment of the chief representative

  • The letter of appointment of chief representative should be printed on the official stationery;
  • In addition to Hong Kong and Macao, other countries (regions) should be able to provide their documents in foreign language (language of origin) and Chinese for setting up a RO in China.
  • The letter of appointment of the chief representative should be signed by the chairman or general manager.

Resume of chief representative

The resume needs to include the name, date of birth, nationality, academic calendar since high school, and work experience (up to date).

Chief representative's identity certificate

  • Foreigners should provide copies of their passport
  • Passports and long-term residence permits for Chinese citizens living abroad for a long time
  • Chief representative two-inch photos two pieces
  • A labor contract needs to be signed if the chief representative is Chinese

Certificates Issued to Representative Office

  • Registration Certificate of Representative Office
  • Representative card
  • Corporate seal
  • Open bank account permit certificate

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